Football My Ass


photo from the book Players by Rick Day

So, the city is in a frenzy about the Football World Cup. I couldn’t give a flying rats ass about this. But you sort of can’t avoid it. Everywhere you walk you’ll pass by one flat screen after the other so you will hardly miss a second of any game. As I seem to be one of very few people who do not care about this, I won’t withhold some nice recommendations for public/private viewings of the WM for those who care. Look for infos after the jump.

And while most most straight men actually really concentrate on the game, the girls and the gays might have some other reasons to watch the games. Here for example they are putting together the perfect team consisting of 11 handsome (mostly naked) men from all over the world. The winner get’s a photobook with naked men and footballs. How fun.

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