The Ultimate Berlin Fashion Week Event & Party Guide

The Ultimate Berlin Fashion Week Event & Party Guide

photo: Jordan Drysdale

It’s that time of the year again when people outside look kind of crazy and you can hardly get a damn taxi in town: FASHION WEEK is coming to Berlin this weekend and it’s actually staying for over a week this time. We’ve once again milked all our resources to find you the most interesting events and parties during Berlin Fashion Week that you can actually go to because they are open to the general public. It’s going to be one big fat fashion madness with goodie bags, front row battles and too many free drinks. Enjoy!

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Mayflower Vintage

Mayflower Vintage

When I stepped into the Mayflower Vintage house in Friedrichshain earlier this year I was deeply impressed – in fact I think I’ve never been so impressed by a vintage sale ever. The selection is huge and includes all the different styles and decades of vintage fashion with a particularily big focus on the 80s. You’ll find designer handbags, colorful pattern blouses and shirts, glamorous evening gowns, fur coats, tons of accessories and shoes and so much more. Luka, the man behind this amazing collection of vintage gems, is selling his pieces in a few shops and markets, but every once in a while he opens the doors to his house for a private sale. Tomorrow one of those rare opportunites arises. So if you are a lover of vintage fashion you should head over to the Mayflower Vintage Open House in Friedrichshain. Some impressions from my last visit and the details after the jump.

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The Ultimate Berlin Fashion Week Event & Party Guide

The Ultimate Berlin Fashion Week Event & Party Guide

Mads Dinesen SS14

Fashion kids, it’s here, your guide to next week’s Berlin Fashion Week including all of the interesting events and parties that are open to the public. I’m sure some of you will also find a way to sneak into some of the closed events as well, but I’ll leave it up to you! Enjoy our Berlin Fashion Week Event & Party Guide presented by Tati, the host of our new webshow The Fruit Salad which will start next week as well.

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Last Minute Christmas Art Sale at Backyard

Sam Crew, Bubble Time, 350 Euro

Help! You don’t know what to buy for your boy or lady since he/she is allergic to any kind of perfume? You don’t have a clue about clothes and sizes and anyway he or she is SO picky? This might be a help: Backyard has a last minute Chrismas sale this week with pieces of the exhibition “It Wasn’t Art School”. There are bigger paintings and smaller pieces, easy to transport and for sure a nicer present than the odd DVD or perfume. The prices reach from 30 to 550 Euros. You can find most of the bigger pieces with picture and prices on the website  More and opening times after the jump: Read on…

The Weekly Event Guide

Flamingos by Swisscan

This is the fall of club openings. After last months opening of Prince Charles and last weeks Gretchen and S.K. Robinson, this week the people who were and are responsible for Rio, Scala, Broken Hearts Club and King Size are opening their new club Flamingo at Monbijou Park. Excited!! More events after the jump.

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The Easter Week

photo: Tina Winkhaus

Chocolate bunnies, colorful easter eggs, fluffy yellow chicks. It can no longer be ignored: It’s the Easter week. As you know this season we will replace the kitchy Easter eggs we painted in our childhood with some gorgeous avant-garde designer eggs. The Couture Eggs have been roling in since the weekend and this evening we will put them online for our Charity Auction. Let’s see what else this week has to offer, after the jump.

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Edged Designer Sale

Barbara I Gongini

Fans of dark avant-garde fashion will find heaven on earth at the Edged Pop-Up Designer Sale at Torstr. 161 that is going on until January 31st. The shop features truckloads of sale pieces from designers such as Barbara I Gongini, Butterfly Soulfire, Reality Studio, Dont Shoot The Messengers, Henrik Vibskov, Paula Immich, AND-I, AVR and many more. On my visit I have found really incredible stuff for dramatically low prices reduced by 30-70%. Some impressions and details after the jump.

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The Danger of Comparison


The most dangerous time of the year is approaching. The fashion sales agencies are starting to sell the showroom collections. For me there is nothing more intruiging than to buy stuff which is obviously much cheaper than the original price. Indeed I can’t remember when I bought something on full price the last time. Usually I keep this information to myself but since this weekend I am on a fancy boat trip and some other stuff going on there is no possibility for bargain hunting. So go my fearless readers and come back with bags full of discount treasures. Information and flyers after the jump. Read on…

Bye Bye Birdie


photo by Philo Nordlund

Two days ago I received an email that shocked me. The Belleville in Mitte which carries labels like Rozab del Mura, Bo Van Melskens, airbag and FIN among others is closing down. Having moved in there for a month in June during SUKA SUKA, I felt a * Thud * as I read Fredericke’s email.

Call it what you want and blame it on the rain or the ‘Financial Crisis’, the debateable bad location, or a store that after 5 years, simply wasn’t able to keep the Benjamin’s flowing, that jet-black bird is taking off (if you’ve been to the store, you’ll know what I mean). So starting September 1st til the 30th a ‘Last Days Clearance Sale‘ on pretty much everything in the store, allows you the chance to shop while you pay your last respects. As long as it doesn’t hold up the foundations of the store, then it’s for sale. Bye-bye Belleville, you’ll be missed. Details after the click.

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