Listening to music with Sebo


photo: Carolin Saage

When somebody told me about the Fusion and the Bachstelzen for the first time, I was fascinated, but I couldn’t really understand what it was all about, and of course I was wondering about the strange name.

But when I attended my first Bachstelzen party, I could totally understand why everyone is so enthusiastic about it. Experiencing the Bachstelzen is like diving into an enchanted, magic dream world: there is the unique, imaginative, bizarre decoration; there are all these wonderful people, these colourful “birds of paradise”, and of course there is this marvellous music by artists such as David Dorad, Skinnerbox, Madmotormiquel and Sebo, to name just a few.

We talked to Sebo – one of the makers of Bachstelzen – about the music of, among others, MGMT, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, KLF and New York Dolls; additionally we have some Soul, Ska and Techno classics. Enjoy it after the jump!

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