Sisyphos Festival Berlin – Dancing Open Air

Sisyphos Festival Berlin

When you read our Berlin blog you may think that this city has so many hidden secrets. And so many times we become a target for criticism because we reveal those secrets to people who are not as well informed as others. But the truth is: there is no real secret in Berlin. There are just different groups of interests and different communication networks. Not every information is passed in every network and some human networks think if they just pass their information in their inner circle that the information is safe. Some people are afraid when they see that we don’t have problems to share any kind of information we help the wrong people to find out about the good stuff. But I am asking myself who are these wrong people out there? And what will they do when they are reading about the secret stuff? Will they start a witch Sabbath and try to put a bad spell on it? Or will they come like hungry insects and devour the hidden Shangri-La? I think that the wrong people probably just don’t care about your secrets. Try to go out on the streets and tell people that you have an alien baby in your stomach. They probably won’t even care. And that’s the same with these supposedly hidden places like Sisyphos. Enjoy the pictures from last Sunday’s Sisyphos Festival, but don’t try to share them with anybody. Because they are absolutely secret.

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