The Party Window shop window at Galeries Lafayette Berlin

Yesterday we finally got to decorate our shop window at the Galerie Lafayette as part of the campaign La Mode C’est Vous which culminated in the big street fashion show at Friedrichstrasse last Thursday (we especially recommend the lovely photos of said event over at Sugarhigh).

In the last two weeks the amazing Katja from Glamcanyon and the lovely Jessie from LesMads each had a window beautifully decorated that you can see here and here. Now for the next two weeks it’s our turn and Sugarhigh’s. While the great eMail magazine took their name quite literal and got artist Hannes Bend to model them a mannequin out of sugar, we decided to do what we are known for: A party. We selected 36 of our (well, mine to be perfectly honest) favorite party photos and put them up against the canvas and let the rest of the space explode in a whirlwind of balloons and confetti. It was quite fun and we’re really happy with the result. Thanks to everyone that came by yesterday and said hi and special thanks to Milli for helping is out. Without you we wouldn’t have finished in time!

Now you can either drop by our window within the next two weeks to see the final result or you can look after the jump for more impressions.

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