A . F. Vandervorst – Fist my sneakers

Women with significant facial hair, long fisting-gloves and black sneakers opened this morning the official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The worn clothes were a little less provocative, apart from the girl with the big black sweater who had forgotten her bra. Somehow, most visitors looked tired and could not really deal with the many disco balls and the music. There were, however, no strange celebrities around and the paparazzis had the chance to have a long and relaxing breakfast. I would have recommended the design teamof A . F. Vandervorst to leave the sneaker fetish to their private activities, but found most of the looks and especially the leatherpieces very appealing. A quiet but good start to an interesting show- week.

Pale Blue Door


photos: Katja Hentschel

Last Sunday me and Katja were so lucky as to get a table at the pop-up restaurant Pale Blue Door from London that has opened up in Berlin for only 12 nights. We were seated in the midth of a little quirky village of shacks and huts that were build into a garden right in the middle of the city. The charismatic Amanda Pet who is as mad as a box of hair entertained us through the evening with her hilarious dance numbers and flirtatious chats at the tables. The experiences was studded with so many cute little details, it was quite magical really. You should try to get a table in the coming 2 weeks. More impressions after the jump or in greater detail over at Travelettes.

UPDATE: It has been extended until September 12th!

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C.Neeon with Sebastian

Sebastian Relaunch Party & Show

On Sunday I went to the big relaunch show and party of Sebastian Professional at the subway tunnel at Potsdamer Platz. I have never been to a “hair” event and I did not know what to expect, but this was quite a big affair actually. The audience I would describe as… interesting. Hairdressers gone wild, you could say, but visually not exactly what my eyes are used to. The whole event centered around a presentational show with a catwalk and live cutting and styling where they presented their fancy new line of products. Hair was flying in a cloud of hairspray, swish, swish, swoosh… et voila, here we have BIG hair.

I was especially happy to see the current fall collection of Berlin-based label C.Neeon on the models that I had already seen on the runway at Fashion Week earlier this year. I need to have this half-transparent sweater! Sadly, they only have the women’s stuff in their online shop. Buhuu!

I also got the chance to go backstage and make some snapshots of the models and stylists (and grab a few leftover styling products of course). But as much as I would have enjoyed to stay for the party (and buffet and free drinks) my hangover and exhaustion of the previous night’s party (and an upcoming cold) just forced me to go home. Impressions after the jump.

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Barbies and Lesbians

The Queer X Pre-Show at Barbie Deinhoff

So, the other day I unintentionally landed in the lesbian/gay/undecided bar that is the Barbie Deinhoff in Kreuzberg. Quite interesting folk that is hangig out here, I must say. That night we had the pleasure to experience a little pre-show to the Queer X Show Tour which will make its official stop tonight at LUX. Raunchy! The full tits, orgasms and lesbian-encounter action after the jump.

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Stars and Winners


Startstyling S/S 2010 – Click to enlarge

Berlin Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2010 – Review Part 3

To me the clear winners of this season’s Berlin Fashion Week were once again the smaller designers. Black Coffee from South Africa was my favorite on the first day. The Designer for Tomorrow show totally stunned me on the third day and the Starstyling show was a lot of fun to watch. More details and images after the jump.

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Silky Flowy Shiny


Sabrina Dehoff S/S 2010 – click to enlarge

Berlin Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2010 – Review Part 2

Sabrina Dehoff‘s Sweet Surrender show stealer for me was the sneaker jewellery, a collaboration with Nike Air Max 1s. These glitzy ‘kick-accessories’ were an original pairing to the charming Summer 2010 silk collection, which with their pastel palettes, delicate white clouds on baby blue-grey skies and shimmery, soft accents looked perfect to slip into on a hot summer day. A detail shot of the shoes and my impressions of Kaviar Gauche and Deanoor after the jump.

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La Fête Fatale


Millicent Binks

Yes, right, ladies and gentlemen, this weekend is starting off way earlier! To have a nice and easy start I recommend the promising premiere of Fête Fatale presented by the Secret Seduction Society. It’s supposed to be a clash of beauty and bizarre – the first regular burlesque party in town.

The Fête fatale is the little whimsical sister of Bohème Sauvage, a Twenties Party which is one of my favorites in this beloved city. So with this big mama in the background I am convinced you cannot go wrong at all. More after the jump.

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