The Vintage Fashion Week: XVII

Last year I had my focus on the anti-fashion aspects during fashion week. This year everthing is about Vintage. Ok! No big surprise. But yes! I have some  vintage pearls up my sleaves that have to be disclosed to you. And some vintage events as well so stay tuned for my daily updates!

My first recommendation is an amazing vintage  shop in Mitte called XVII. They have everything. From crazy Thierry Mugler Vintage-Avant-Garde chic to grandma’s treasures from the cellar. The owner is the beautiful Nadine who participated also in the Vintage Smackdown. They also have a really nice event there this week. More pictures of the opening, the clothes and the address after the jump.
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B-Boy vs. Cubic-Girl

Boys against Girls – that’s a fatal combination. These two guys somehow look really cute together. Actually they could be a great couple! But now it’s all up to you to judge if colorful Julian or Leo should win the game. So be fair or be square and let your sense of style lead you through the outfit photos and vote by liking them. And don’t forget to like the iHeartBerlin page first. All the looks after the jump.

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Sunshine vs. Snowwhite

These two vintage princesses seems to have escaped from a distant fairytale land. The one blond and shiny the other one dark and pure – the sexy Milli and the beautiful Vio couldn’t be any more different. If the first one could win any battle with her honest smile and her sense of humour the other one just can impress with one serious look of here magic dark eyes. Look after the jump for more princess beauty and vote here for the one you want to see in our vintage fashion runway show. Read on…

Let the Vintage Smackdowns begin

And now it’s on! The long awaited Vintage Smackdown. We have so many amazing participants and we were really impressed by the great styles of our readers. For now we just give you the link to the general overview of all contestants where you can already vote by “liking” the individual looks. Later we and our partnerblogs will present a little showdown of each of them more accurately. So enjoy the view and vote for the best styles and remember that the contestants are in the run for winning a spot at our Vintage Smackdown Fashion Show on the 9 of July during Fashion Week at the Wedding Dress Festival. You can vote untill Monday the 3 of July midnight. To participate in the voting you have to “like” our Facebookpage and click “like” on the outifts you favor. The person with the most ‘likes” in each album will get into the fashion show. Good luck to all vintage lovers!

Blitz II Photos

Blitz II

Last Friday the second Blitz party took place at Lux and there was quite a lot of make-up and glitter in the house. After the jump you’ll find many impressions on two pages including the results of our Vintage Smackdown Blitz Special Photobooth!

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The Vintage SmackDown

vintage smack down

Gina vs. Julia – Fight 1

Trends come and go, but if there is one thing that will never fade it’s the love for vintage clothing. Every season they cycle through the past decades and what was once unfashionable suddenly looks super hip. Especially in big cities like Berlin with all the big fleamarkets and second hand boutiques vintage styling has almost become an obsession for the fashionable crowd. Every girl has their own preferences. But who’s style is the best?

Two lovely girls are stepping into the ring of the Vintage Smack Down: Gina and Julia. Both of them lovers of vintage outfits. Both with a very different style. While the one likes classic vintage designer pieces the other likes colorful fleamarket treasures. While the one prefers silk and satin, the other goes for sequins and glitter. Look after the jump to see the two girls in their best vintage outfits and decide for yourself: Who is the queen of vintage?

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