The Weekly Event Guide

Rangleklods by Jeppe Svendsen

This week is the week of the returns. On Wednesday the Blind Date Swingers Club Mix CD Exchange Party is coming back with new rules and new venue after a longer break, also the Travelettes Christmas Market is back with a big charity tomobola, and finally Rangleklods who is one of my favorite upcoming electronic music acts has returned to Berlin for two live gigs this weekend. Check out all of these events and more after the jump.

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With the Hype comes Death


Actually Iam not sure if I only dreamt it but I feel like someone told me that The Maria am Ostbahnhof is about to close down soon. “Just another club” you’re thinking? Party as hard as you can, because I give it 5 years more until Berlin is a nuclear wasteland-clubwise. Ok, let’s say 8. Parties after the jump:

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The Arty Week


Street Art Mural by Alexandros for Stroke 03

I have been planning to do this for a while now but simply didn’t find the time. But finally with the help of another night shift here it is: Our new Weekly Event Guide. Of course we have noticed that our Thursday’s Party Guide has become one of the most popular posts here and many people ask us what to do in Berlin during the week. So I hope this new guide will give you inspiration on how to spend your week. This first edition is dominated by all the art events taking place this week.  See for yourself after the jump. Read on…