The Urban Excursion

Urban Affairs extended 2009

Last Sunday I finally came around taking a trip to the former Stadtbad Wedding to see the Urban Affairs extended exhibition. Actually I was planning to take a look at the Monster workshop, but when I arrived I had to learn that it had been canceled. So the more time I had to visit the exhibition. Last year’s Urban Affairs already had a stunning location that I thought couldn’t be any more perfect for displaying street art: the former brewery Friedrichshöhe at Landsberger Allee, also home to PHB Club and Villa. This year’s location has a totally different but equally intriguing vibe to it. While there were brickwalls, cement columns and dark cellars in the last exhibition there are now tiled walls, locker rooms and an empty pool.

While I was waiting for the second floor and the pool area to be opened I took a little tour around the neighborhood where some of the artists partaking at Urban Affairs created some new pieces of street art in the urban wilderness that is Wedding. The exhibition will be open until the end of the month. Check the event schedule here. See some of my impressions of this little field trip and from the exhibition after the jump.

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Art and Party at Stadtbad Wedding


photo by Jessi Svahn

On Saturday the finissage and afterparty of No Sugar For My Monkey took place at Stadtbad Wedding, a former swimming pool located in Gerichtsstrasse in Wedding, that is now used as a space for artists. This great industrial labyrinth-like location with numerous hidden rooms is unique and you shouldn’t miss upcoming exhibitions and parties at this place if you want to soak up the industrial charm that used to be typical for Berlin but has become rare during the past years. Stadtbad Wedding is easy to reach with the Ringline and as it is located directly in Wedding it comes with a hefty amount of street credibility. Take a look at the pictures coming after the jump.

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