Berliner in a Box – Part 2

Berliner in a Box – Part 2

Back in September we posted about artist Dorit Bialer‘s series of Berliners in a Box for the first time here on iHeartBerlin and this article became one of the most successful ones of our history. But also for the artist a lot of things happened since than as she has been in countless newspapers, tv programs and magazines with her witty and charming playmobil versions of stereotypical Berlin habitants.

Today we would like to show you some brand new works that have been made by Dorit recently as well as a couple of her early works from the series that came out in a first edition back in 2011. This time we have some contemporary classic Berlin characters such as the Berghain party girl and the Start-Up guy. And from the first edition we have the former DDR Athlete, the Israeli Immigrant (in reference to the artist herself), the Berlin tourist guide, the Hartz IVler from Friedrichshain, the old spinster, the Neukölln Immigrant and the 2011 version of the hipster . Enjoy some more Berliners in a Box after the jump and if you are still looking for a Christmas present for your loved ones you should have Dorit create a custom version of You in a Box.

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Creative City Berlin

Creativity in Berlin seems something of a minimum requirement to be allowed into the city. But how to successfully make money with creativity does not appear in the Berlin brochures that are handed out at the city gates. Luckily, there are some creative people who just want to help out with this matter. This also includes the makers of Creative City Berlin. This great and useful online community showcases artists and members of creative professions. It provides information on support programs, start-ups, studio assignment, training, scholarships and many other issues. For artists and entrepreneurs who are new in town or who are planning to move to the city the website will provide a first orientation and serves as a networking community. Artists and creative people can ask questions directly to the page, which will be answered by the editors or will be forwarded to the right person in the Berlin institutions. As we also try to help other people with many of the above tasks, it is good news to us, that there finally is platform that deals specifically with the problems of the creative scene in Berlin. You will find more information about Creative City Berlin here.