Illegal Art in a Berlin Subway Station

Illegal Art in a Berlin Subway Station

Whenever a cool graffiti turns up over night inside the subway stations of the Berliner U-Bahn or even on their trains the artwork has a relatively short life because the BVG will probably remove it soon. Of course they see it as an act of vandalism on their property, even though they might recognize some of the graffitis as quite artistic, it’s still a disruption of their daily business that they need to remove. It’s a shame really, in some cases especially, because these pieces will catch the attention of so many passengers and will distract them from their daily routine of commuting, even make them think about the messages incorporated into the graffitis, just like art should: make people think about it. In the end it’s also just a nice change from all the bill boards.

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Stroke 03


Fans of New Contemporary and Urban Art will be delighted to hear that the STROKE Urban Art Fair is moving from Munich to Berlin for its third edition this coming October. Not only the move from Munich to Berlin – the melting pot for urban and street art – but also the move from spring to fall makes a lot of sense to us because there will be a lot of art fairs and exhibitions taking place to that time during the Kunstherbst.

The venue will be The Station at Gleisdreieck that is also home to the Premium trade show during Fashion Week. We are particularily looking forward to their special exhibition When Bloggers become Artists where 10 bloggers were invited to create a piece of art that will be printed by Whitewall and exhibited at the fair. Participating blogs are LesMads, Amy&Pink, Ignant, Artschoolvets, Styleclicker, Uberding, Eve Without Adam, Whudat, Looky Looky and Suz is submitting something for

After the jump you’l find a recap of the last STROKE.ARTFAIR as well as details for the next one.

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Margaritas, Babes and Cars

Subject60 Party

A super-hot Lykke Li, delicous finger food, great drinks, beautiful people and a Karaoke car (great idea btw…) – what more could you wish for on a Thursday night. And all of it thanks to the Subject60 party that celebrated the launch of the new Volvo S60 (hence the cars in the pictures…) We also met the charming Lykke Li for a little interview that will be coming up shortly. Until then some impressions of the night after the jump. Read on…

Subject60 with Lykke Li


Lykke Li

On Thursday May 27th Berlin will be hit by a major event called Subject60. It is the kick-off party of a series of five which will then move on to London, Milan, Paris and Madrid. Obviously, if you do a big party, you would start in Berlin, wouldn’t you agree? So, what is so special about the event? Well, it’s hosted by none other than the super sweet and talented Swedish shooting star Lykke Li who will of course also perform at the event. The second host of the party is Yvan Rodic of Face Hunter fame. Europes most popular street style blog. Just recently he celebrated the release of his new book here in Berlin. Where else, of course…

We have some exclusive tickets for you guys, but this time they are not as easy to get. After the click you’ll find out what you have to do to find them.

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