Please cry for us, Maria

Apart from the auction Mauri started on his blog, we would like to raise awareness to another really cool idea from the Jugend gegen Aids Stiftung. Together with Stefan Strumbel, one of our most favourite artists by the way, they did a real funny art exhibition protesting against the Catholic church. For every new facebook friend they get, a Holy Maria statue will cry one tear. In the end the holy mother will be drowned by her own tears. That’s a good way to protest, and a very good way to find more facebook fans for a good cause. Watch the video with all the details after the jump. Read on…

We are Germans


After the reinvention of the Dirndl in fashion it was about time to destroy the last stereotype of German traditional design: The cuckoo’s clock. I allready discovered these clocks not so long ago for an older article you might want to read here. The artist Stefan Strumbel has worked out a way to re-design German design icons without loosing himself into senseless pop art.  To check out more of this tradition meets comic-kitsch you should definetly visit his upcoming exhibition at Circle Culture Gallery. More details after the jump. Read on…

Don’t waste your Love on a Cuckoo’s Child

Don’t waste your Love on a Cuckoo’s Child

clocks by Stefan Strumbel

Madhouse Berlin – Therapy Session Nr. 3

You think the Ku Klux Clan is scary? Well, then you’ve never met the Cuckoos Clan here in Berlin. The members of this clan are the scary cuckoo’s children. These people prefer to find an easy way into your nest rather than building one of their own. Tips on how to recognise them, classify them to ensure that us little birdies still get our life-supply of worms and more funny clocks from Stefan Strumbel after the cheep!

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