Time for a change of clothing

Stoffwechsel Party (retouch)

photos: C.R.

Combining fashion and parties seems to be some kind of bandwaggon thing right now, and I’m getting kind of sick of it. So, it was really enjoyable for me to attend a party that played around with the fashion topic with a distinctive ironic note. Last Saturday’s “Stoffwechsel Party” in a hidden new venue near Ostkreuz was not for the fashionistas themselves but more a persiflage of the Berlin Mitte second hand style. It’s a lot of fun seeing totally normal people jumping into giant mountains of clothes to find their perfect hipster costume. All the stuff lying around is for free and you can play with it, take it home or destroy it. Simply have all the fun you can have with a lot of crazy ugly clothes and cheap alcohol. And I should not forget to mention the brilliant DJs like Monochrome who gave me muscels aches in my legs for days. More impressions after the jump.

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