The naughtiest City

Subject60 Party

A few weeks ago we were at the Subject60 party hosted by Lykke Li and Facehunter to celebrate the launch of the new Volvo S60. It was quite a cool party with concerts by Lykke Li, a karaoke car and lots of drinks. Little did we know that this party was nothing more then a psychological test to find out which city in Europe has the naughtiest inhabitants. Find out more about the test and its results in a short film documenting all five Subject60 parties that took place in Berlin, London, Paris, Milan and Madrid after the jump.

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A Vintage Girl through and through

Lykke Li Interview and Show

Last Week, at the Subject 60 event, Frank and me got the chance to interview Swedish shooting star and style icon Lykke Li after her concert. We met a very tired girl that now, sitting in front of us in this massive hall, seemed totally unlike the self confident person she presented on stage. Looking closely at her enormous shoes she seemed like the girl next door wearing a pair of extraterrestrial shoes. We tried our best on rather focussing on the music thing than on fashion, though. Did it work? Read yourself after the jump: Read on…

Margaritas, Babes and Cars

Subject60 Party

A super-hot Lykke Li, delicous finger food, great drinks, beautiful people and a Karaoke car (great idea btw…) – what more could you wish for on a Thursday night. And all of it thanks to the Subject60 party that celebrated the launch of the new Volvo S60 (hence the cars in the pictures…) We also met the charming Lykke Li for a little interview that will be coming up shortly. Until then some impressions of the night after the jump. Read on…

Find the Cubes


I’m a little disappointed in you guys. Only one of three cubes has been found so far. What cubes? Those cubes that give you and a friend access to the big Subject60 party with Lykke Li next week. Did we hide them too well or do you just not have iPhones? Well, a weekend with good weather is coming up, so you have no excuse! Go on the hunt! As soon as the cubes have been found the map and the App will show that it’s gone. Read more about the party and the game here.

Subject60 with Lykke Li


Lykke Li

On Thursday May 27th Berlin will be hit by a major event called Subject60. It is the kick-off party of a series of five which will then move on to London, Milan, Paris and Madrid. Obviously, if you do a big party, you would start in Berlin, wouldn’t you agree? So, what is so special about the event? Well, it’s hosted by none other than the super sweet and talented Swedish shooting star Lykke Li who will of course also perform at the event. The second host of the party is Yvan Rodic of Face Hunter fame. Europes most popular street style blog. Just recently he celebrated the release of his new book here in Berlin. Where else, of course…

We have some exclusive tickets for you guys, but this time they are not as easy to get. After the click you’ll find out what you have to do to find them.

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