The End of Summer

Sunday Seance Summer Affair at Terrasse


Those were the best days of my life… Ok, party folks, this is the end of the summer, why not breaking new ground and going outside during daytime, otherwise you’ll kick yourself for not having seen the sun at least once this summer. This weekend there are again endless opportunities to have a good party and stock up on some sunshine for example at a terrace or in a park. Parties after the jump.

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The Summer Hole


The Whitest Boy Alive at Tape

Summer vacation in Berlin – meaning only a few parties, but those that take place are solid gold! You can show off your tan, but beware to show your awful sunburn, we beg you! Sparkle-space alarm and birthday bash on Saturday. Do you think, I could go to Picknick on Saturday still wearing my sparkle outfit? I’m not sure… hmm. The parties after the click.

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Magic at the Spree

Sunday Seance Summer Affair at Terrasse

Sunday afternoon is really such a perfect time for a party. And while the confetti people stood in line for hours at the Bar 25 we were having a good time around the corner at Terrasse with music by Tdaance, Hunee and more. The HBC. and Macaroni guys really found a nice spot here for their Sunday Seance Summer Affair. I hope there is going to be more of that.

Finally had the chance to chat with Marcel from Amy&Pink and Eva from Miss Creative Classy. Greetz over to you guys! More photos after the jump.

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Dancing under the trees


photo by sicoactiva

Diligent as we are we here present you not only the Club Floor program of the ravenous Berlin Festival but also the alternative program for those of you who don’t give a sh… shambala, I mean. The weather is perfect, go outside, party hard, summer time is not granny time! Look for the parties after the jump.

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Win Tickets! Did you just cum?


Some people still get it wrong: Stattbad is about to close, but only until September whereas Bar 25 really closes in about a month, for good!

Again we are proud to offer you a nice choice of parties during daytime for those who are not in the mood to have late breakfast with their boring flatmates or for those of you guys who can’t afford to have dark circles under your eyes, nevertheless want to party.

And as a very special treat you guys can win 2×2 tickets for the 2-day festival Is It All Over My Face with A Guy Called Gerald, Sven Dohse, Redshape (live), Kaos, Len Faki, Savas Pascalidis and many more at Rechenzentrum after the jump!

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The Melt!ernative


TU!SSY – photo by

Here comes the summer Melt! alternative for the hot hot heat weekend in Berlin – our well informed party guide for those who can’t afford or don’t want to afford to go to Melt Festival (damn expensive, ain’t it?).

After the jump you will get the chance to win tickets and guestlist spaces for the Urban Affairs extended exhibition, the performance by Nomad and the Endlich 18! after party at Stattbad Wedding.

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Nights On Speed


Chicks on Speed

We are so fashionable! Berlin, far away to be a Paris like fashion hotspot, not because it’s not as good as Paris but because it is different. Berlin fashion isn’t made by a handful of boring aged designers, it is created by the people on the streets, in the clubs and by some unconventional designers. If you suffer from the odd fashion overdose just like I do, take a rest and enjoy a bombastic party weekend, with or without fashion, you chose!

The Midsommar Festival, made in Sweden and presented by Villa based fuc, is offering us an awesome line-up at Jannowitzbrücke on Friday till Sunday. It’s indoor and outdoor with 4 stages, lounging and some food. They also promise wild madness in cups, not that some of you would need it. Take a look at this line-up, man ( only a short excerpt, though): Chicks on Speed (live!), Ian Pooley, Gianni Vitiello, Les Titz Grands, Jack the Rapper, Rampa, Sebo, Demir and Seymen, Süß und Sauer, Cinthie and so many more! The running order can be found here. More parties after the jump.

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