Weekend Party Guide

Niki & The Dove

One two three, bring that weekend on to me. There it is, our weekly party guide, prepared with love and laughter and not too much effort, of course. All the good parties after the jump:
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The Weekly Event Guide

painting by Amit Elan

There is something about Friday the 13th you could say because the majority of this week’s events is taking place on that day. This would be a perfect candidate for a scandalous cover story: One night – TEN parties, haha! Anyone interested? Find out how to spend the week and what all the options are for Friday after the jump…

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Berlin Songs

Sophia Tigeress

DJ and femme fatale Sophia, one half of the sexy DJ Team Tigeress, has published a very interesting list of Berlin-related songs on her personal blog Oh Sophia. From Rufus Wainwright and David Bowie, Hildegard Knef and Nina Hagen to Ideal – there is something for everyone in her list of top 15 Berlin songs.

Broken Party Scene

Same same but a bit different. The Bar has all of us back again. Have a laugh when that bloke from work stumbles around without control or people kiss in the corners who really aren’t supposed to kiss. It’s afterhour. It is different though, but why? It’s bigger and nicer is it and more of the skip Saturday night – have brunch with your parents  – then pop into that afterhour – kind? Beware..! Parties as usual after the jump:

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The Mardi Gras Week


This week is all in the name of the carnival, but in our case it’s the Mardi Gras that we will experiencing for the first time on Tuesday. For the rest of the week we have a bit of a crazy Wednesday with the Artstars and It Boys, a very art-filled Friday and fashion-related Saturday. The events after the jump.

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The Hollywood Week

James Franco: Actor & Artist

This guide comes a little late as I had a massive hangover on Sunday, but better late then not at all. This week we have quite a mixed programm, ranging from dirty dancing, serious eating, and hollywood stars as artists. Read on for this week’s menu after the jump.

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