And the carneval does never stop

fashion: Tom Van der Borght

We have always been a very colorfull site. But we have to admit that in the last couple of weeks we turned into the crazy costume-party site number one. Where did all the minimal and understatement go? Well, obviously far away from here.

This week i had an interesting conversation about how parties are transforming into theater stages where people are portraying characters they would like to be instead of just being themselves. Are we loosing control of our self-image? Are we becoming the superheroes of our childhood with a secret identity that only shows on certain occasions and parties? If that’ the case then we might have to adapt to it. And fashion has to adapt to this need as well. What some years ago would have been tasteless is becoming mainstream this year. I am speaking about crazy colors and pattern mixes. (And I’m not only speaking about the gaudiness that is Versace collaborating with highstreet fashion giant H&M.)

Beautifully elaborate and interesting is the work of young fashion artist Tom Van der Borght from Belgium. We saw his collection in July at Berlin Fashion Wek and were really impressed. The editorial shoot that I discovered in Honk-Magazine is as amazing as the fashion pieces. But see it for yourself after the jump.

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