Dancing in the Rain!

“Hannes” by Julia Luka Lila Nitzschke, opening of Lipstick & Icecream on Friday

The open air – season just goes on for a little while, so get yourself a pair of Wellingtons just as Kate did back than in 2005 on the festival, when it was Pete at her side, and show the rain your brightest lipstick-smile. The best parties for the coming weekend inside and outside, hot and wet, but never boring, right after the jump:

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The unmeltable Partyguide

Melt? Then don’t continue reading, you might regret it, cause there is news at the club front, all compiled in this weekend’s party guide, research conducted under threat of life and body, made for dancers, music lovers, Berliners, new-Berliners, the curious ones and the explorers. Parties after the jump:

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