Please Vote

Please Vote

There will be a lot of people who will not go to vote on Sunday. For those, who are wondering “For What?” right now, let me remind you that on the 24th of September the national elections 2017 will take place. It is true that there is a myriad of legitimate-sounding arguments against bothering to care about it.

Granted, the results will not have tremendous consequences on an international level, like e.g. the American elections for the presidency. The local character of such elections creates, thus, to quite a few people a sense of exhaustion and indifference, which leaves them wondering what the point of it all is.

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The Greatest Film of All Time?

The Greatest Film of All Time?

At first sight the questions „What’s your favourite film?“ and „What is the greatest film of all times?“ seem identical. Thinking about it though they do actually differ quite a bit. I would for example say my favourite film is The Wrestler by Darren Aronofsky, but agree that Tokyo Story by Ozu Yasujiro is better. Favourites can change from year to year but great films withstand social changes, they are often symbolic for a decade or generation of filmmakers and viewers and certainly important to the evolution of the art of film. Basically everyone can have their own personal favourite, but great films require a certain unanimous vote.

Since 1952 Sight & Sound conducts a worldwide poll to create a listing of the greatest films ever made. Every ten years the renowned film journal canvases critics, scholars and directors, producers and actors to determine what is currently considered the greatest film. For the last 50 years Citizen Kane was at the top of this list. So it came as quite a surprise that Orson Welles directorial debut is no longer the number one.

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Vote for us at Mobile Sessions!


Remember when we told you about the competition we prepared ourselves for? Yeah, the one with the monsters hugging buildings and stuff. Creatives were asked to submit artworks that express what they love about their city. Of course us being the authors of a blog called I Heart Berlin makes us the perfect candidates. So we created a series of images with little urban art monsters hugging different buildings that stand for a certain aspect of the city.

So, the time has come now where the action starts. The battle begins NOW at Mobile Sessions. And if you want to support us please take the time to vote for us. You can’t vote directly because during the battle 2 images by different contestants will be selected randomly that compete against each other. So you will actually have vote for several until one of our images comes up. To see the full list of images that we sent into the competition look here. Thanks for your support!!