Vintage Smackdown Fashion Show Photos

Vintage Smackdown Fashion Show

photos by Jens Wernscheid

Last Saturday our first Vintage Smackdown Fashion Show took place at the Wedding Dress #6 festival for urban fashion. The winners of our online outfit battle showed their best and most extraordinary vintage and DIY outfits on the runway and we couldn’t be more proud of every single one of our contestants. We are more then happy that the decision was not up to us but to our jury consisting of bloggers Anna, Katharina, Amandine and David, as well as Leyla Acik, head of style at Berlinpieces, and Lutz Ackermann, press representative of Wedding Dress’ main sponsor degewo.

We had an amazing day with all of you vintage lovers and I think I am speaking for Claudio as well when I say you are all winners in our hearts. Congratulations to Anne for winning the main price! A big thank you from Claudio and me to the whole team behind Wedding Dress, all the wonderful people who took part in this smackdown, all the readers who voted, our partner blogs and jurors, our photographer Jens, my sister and caterer Susanne, the make-up team, our co-stylist Valerie the degewo and all the sponsors of the show!

After the jump you will find many impressions of the show and of backstage on 3 pages. Have fun!

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Berlin Fashion Week Event & Party Guide

photo by Katja Hentschel

Next week is Fashion Week here in Berlin, hurrah! For us it’s definately one of the most exciting times of the year, especially since we are doing five events of our own this time. But as you know most of the events during Berlin Fashion Week are not even public but only for fashion professionals (and those who manage to sneak themselves in). But there still are quite a lot of events and parties that everyone can go to and we want to give you a little guide of the best ones. On top of that you can win a few copies of the brand new fashion book Berlin Catwalks.

Seven days of fashion, pick your favorite parties, exhibitions, sales, shows and events after the jump.

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B-Boy vs. Cubic-Girl

Boys against Girls – that’s a fatal combination. These two guys somehow look really cute together. Actually they could be a great couple! But now it’s all up to you to judge if colorful Julian or Leo should win the game. So be fair or be square and let your sense of style lead you through the outfit photos and vote by liking them. And don’t forget to like the iHeartBerlin page first. All the looks after the jump.

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Let the Vintage Smackdowns begin

And now it’s on! The long awaited Vintage Smackdown. We have so many amazing participants and we were really impressed by the great styles of our readers. For now we just give you the link to the general overview of all contestants where you can already vote by “liking” the individual looks. Later we and our partnerblogs will present a little showdown of each of them more accurately. So enjoy the view and vote for the best styles and remember that the contestants are in the run for winning a spot at our Vintage Smackdown Fashion Show on the 9 of July during Fashion Week at the Wedding Dress Festival. You can vote untill Monday the 3 of July midnight. To participate in the voting you have to “like” our Facebookpage and click “like” on the outifts you favor. The person with the most ‘likes” in each album will get into the fashion show. Good luck to all vintage lovers!

Show us your Vintage Style and conquer the runway

Vintage Smackdown

Trends come and go, but if there is one thing that will never fade it’s the love for vintage clothing. Every season they cycle through the past decades and what was once unfashionable suddenly looks super hip. Especially in big cities like Berlin with all the big fleamarkets and second hand boutiques vintage styling has almost become an obsession for the fashionable crowd. Every girl has their own preferences. But whose style is the best?

Apply now with your best vintage outfits for’s Vintage Smackdown and be a model at our Fashion Show at the Wedding Dress festival on July 9, 2011 during Berlin Fasion Week. How you present your best vintage Pearls and DIY projects is all up to you. The main thing for us is that you are having fun with your style. Model size and your age do not matter, we count on your fashion sense and your confidence. We have 10 places at our fashion show to give out (including model fee). In addition, you have the chance to win a big prize of 500 EUR. Learn more about the contest after the jump.
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Common people not so common after all

Common People Fashion Show

Last Sunday – as one of the highlights of this year’s Wedding Dress #4Dario from StilinBerlin presented what he thinks the common people of Berlin look like in a fashion show. Fun, no? Actually, it was one of the most entertaining shows during fashion week, even though it was a little short. And later that day I saw the girl above in that exact same outfit on her bicycle driving past Frankfurter Tor – a funny picture in a district like Friedrichshain, not known for it’s fashion sense. My favs of the show after the wig.

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The Common People Fashion Week


While the shows and parties during Fashion Week are mostly only accessible for fashion industry people and journalists there is still a lot going on that is open for every fashion enthusiast in town. For instance Wedding Dress #4. During 2 days a designer-sale and fashion bazaar with drinks, food and music will be taking place at Brunnenstrasse. On Sunday Dario from StilinBerlin will organize a street style fashion show at 15h and 16h. Come by!

On Friday, one day before the festival there will be an exclusive pre-sale with music, free drinks and snacks with pieces by Poti Poti, Franzius, Aschön, The Offer, Marcel Ostertag, Andrea Klüsener, Postweiler Hauber, Majaco, Seelenkleid, Kilian Kerner, Carocora, Dorit Schubert, Comtesse de la Haye, JuliaandBen, Miriam Schaaf, q.e.d. and many more. This sale event is not open to the public but you can win 3×2 invitations after the jump.

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