Berlin Nightlife: Party In The Subway

Berlin Nightlife: Party In The Subway

photo: Katja Klein

Party party party! If you’ve been in Berlin for a while now you know that not only the people but even the vehicles like to party. The M10 – a.k.a. the ‚party tram‘ or the Ringbahnparty at the S-Bahn – no place is safe from our drive to cherish life. With alcohol and confetti, of course.

Naturally, also the U-Bahn has to be partied up, which is especially the case for the line U8 since it connects 3 of the major central districts and drives by all the stations that hold the nightlife hotspots. (You know what we’re talking about.)

In the U8, people will always find a reason to have a ball, especially on the weekends! Just like in this video we stumbled upon where a fun group of people spontaneously decided to celebrate that the U8 was ready to drive again after a long time of construction. This spontaneity and joy of small things is really infectious.

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Confus(ion)ed Partyguide!

This weekend might be a little low level when it comes to parties. What? You came all the way from I – don’t – know – where to party in Berlin and you don’t have a Fusion – ticket? Dude..such a shame! Let’s try to find you a few places, that might be a little less frequencied than usual, but still promise fun, right after the jump:

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You Say Party We Say What?

Hercules & Love Affair

Newsflash! Pret a Diner, the posh pop up restaurant popular with models, agency people, actors and wannabes has finally closed and people above 35 are now homeless. The Champagnerama party was postponed after some 3000-4000 people attended on Facebook. Don’t worry, the Fusion is still to come. Angry: last week I spoke to some Sanderstraße inhabitants and they are NOT so happy about Weekend owner Marcus Trojahns new bar, that is ‘changing the Sanderstraße into something rotten and nasty’, that was quoted, not my words. I was curious and wanted to go, now that it has got warmer, but honestly, there was a line and I don’t line up a for a drink in Neukölln, no way. Parties in and out of Neukölln after the jump:

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Oh, I almost forgot: Tomorrow Bloc Party front man Kele will have a show at Weekend with his brand new solo efforts. It’s way different then Bloc Party, it’s purely electronical. And the few songs I heard are pretty awesome. It’s like Kelis changed her style from R’n’B to dance only he does it without doing it cheasy and cheap. (David Guetta? Oh come on…) He will also be one of the acts of the fantastic line-up of this year’s MELT! Festival. Hurrah! You should definatly check out his hot new video after the jump.

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Making Senses (out of Bubble Gum!)


photos: Wrigley’s

We spent Last Wednesday and Thursday at the 5 GUM Vision Lab at the Weekend Club in Berlin. Friends have asked me since what went down and why I was holed up at in a club for two days straight. Well, in my opinion we were at a swanky PR/Marketing exercise by Wrigley’s in conjunction with the launch of their latest chewing gum – 5 GUM. Under the header “Making Senses” we were treated to not only up-close encounters from the likes of Scott Schuman a.k.a. The Sartorialist , Mark Eley from Eley Kishimoto (loves!), Front Design, Telse Bus, Ewan Pearson and Sissel Tolaas (my other personal favourite, the woman speaks 9 languages and makes bad smells sexy, enough said) BUT we also got to hear from 10 hopeful contestants, there to pitch their project and win over the judge’s for 10,000 EURO in cold hard cash. Oh and we were treated to lots of chewing gum, of course. I have to say the new range is pretty addictive and I know of a certain someone who stashed away a lifetime’s supply of gum, and then some. More of my 5 GUM experience after the jump.

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Win tickets for the 5Gum After Party

Ewan Pearson

Ewan Pearson

If you are already planing out your party schedule for next week you should make a big circle around Thursday the 25th as this will be the day of the official After Party of the 5Gum Vision Lab at Weekend. On the Decks: Ewan Pearson, who will also have a workshop at the Vision Lab, Matias Aguayo, whose great album Are you really lost I still love to listen to, as well as Chloé, Marcus Worgull, Radioslave, Zander VT and Tobias Rapp. We have 5×2 free tickets for you to win after the jump.

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Win Tickets for the 5Gum Vision Lab

bubblegum sequencer

The world is small. When I read the lists of the 10 final contestants of the 5Gum Vision Lab creative challenge one name seemed familiar. Hannes Hesse – the creator of the Bubblegum Sequencer – is a former collegue and fellow student of mine. We haven’t been in touch for years, but I took that opportunity and chatted up with him about his contest submission. He developed a so-called step sequencer that lets you create drumloops by arranging colored balls on a board with a matrix of holes. This board acts as an input device that controls the audio software that generates beats and sounds. Basically it’s making music for dummies! How fun is that?

The Bubblegum Sequencer is one of 10 projects that will participate in the 5Gum Vision Lab event on June 24 and 25 at the Weekend club. During those 2 days the contestants will present their work to a jury of international professionals including DJ and producer Ewan Pearson, surface designer Eley Kishimoto, perfume maker Sissel Tolaas, food concepter Telse Bus and the product designers from Front. They will also participate in workshops held by these professionals, each covering one of the 5 senses. During the whole event the world’s most famous street style photographer The Sartorialist will be present and capture the audience.

We have 2×2 tickets for you to win to join the contestants during these 2 days and participate in the workshops. This event is for exclusive guests only so you can’t officially buy tickets for it. After the jump you can find out how to win the tickets. There you will also see the work of the other 9 contestants.

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