Experiencing Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week Instagrams

We really want to say thanks to Who’s Next Paris to let us experience these amazing 5 days in Paris. We finally had the chance to check out Paris Fashion Week, see the shows of our fav Bernhard Willhelm as well as Walter van Beirendonck and Damir Doma, dance at the fabulous Flash Cocotte party, meet some great young designers at the Who’s Next fair and browse through giant vintage mountains. All things we just loved. We also had some really weird and funny experience. We saw a crazy and very entertaining catwalk fashion musical at Who’s Next, we met some giant vampire drag queens at Place de la Concorde and found a little hotel with an antique harp in the attic. So beautiful and strange! See all impressions of our lovely trip after the jump.

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Who’s Next Paris – Day 1: Accessories

Andres Gallardo

Here we are at last: Paris Fashion Week. We were invited by Who’s Next Paris Prêt-à-Porter trade show to discover the world of fashion in Paris. And what a big world it is. When we arrived at the grounds of the trade show at Portes de Versailles we were a bit shocked of how huge it is. The 6-fairs-in-one event is hosted in 4 big halls that make you feel very small. Hundreds if not thousands of brands from all over the world are exhibiting their latest collections here.

On our first day we decided to start with the jewellery and accessories exhibition of Première Class. While browsing through the first hall of shoes we rediscovered the British shoe label United Nude that we though was the most edgy and intersting one of the whole exhibition. Of course the Eiffel Tour Heel was also quite charming…

After the shoes we took a look at all the jewellery labels in the next hall. Here we especially liked the wonderful porcelain jewellery of Spanish designer Andres Gallardo and the laser-cut leather accessories by Italien label C.A. 2. After the jump you will find our favorite finds of the exhibition as well as our outfits of the day.

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