The urban witch is back


Rubbish Fairy

If you read as many fairytales as I did you end up believing you’re living in one yourself. And even if Berlin is not really the perfect scenery for a Grimm fairytale movie, your fantasy has ways to discover even in a cement monster like Berlin a magical kingdom. But it seems that the Berliners have their own ways to end the stories. Here the princes prefer having cupcakes and coffee instead of saving the sleeping beauty from the dragon. And oops – no, Rapunzel, I can’t get you out of the tower, I have to sleep with all the seven dwarfs in the darkroom of the Berghain.

So the most important thing is to get your role in the story straight. For myself I have decided to give up my princess life in my nice castle and return to my true nature. Believe me, being the witch in town helps avoiding to get eaten up by some dragon or get dumped for cupcakes. So if you want to join my witch club leave me note. Free lesson in all kinds of curses included. If you need more to get into my witch mood I recommend you the trash-art-exhibition Urban Witches Not Bitches at the Neurotitan Gallery. More pictures and info after the jump. And don’t forget you can ride the U-Bahn and still think you are on a broom.

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