Take out the winter coats!

Joy Fantastic

Yiiiehaa! We got a little side program this week, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday bringing a bit of a change into this boring city, haha! A designer turns Extrafein with a DJ straight out of hell, The Villa goes plastic, Sunday Séance back at HBC with only one Macaronic ( Tdaance). Take out your winter coat (the one that makes you look like a wale but really keeps you warm)..! Parties, as usual, right after the jump. Guestlist spots in our Facebook group.

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It’s cold? Dance!

Paris Suit Yourself

When the days are short, the nights are the longer! This time of the year doesn’t offer too much, but it offers long nights! Use it, cause parties in winter are the best. Dive into the crowd and feel the music. Refrain from too much hopping, it is too cold outside! And the best: You are not gonna miss anything the following day, there ain’t no sun anyway… Your favourite party guide after the jump:

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MTV?! That music channel that once had a music program?


photo: Glamcanyon

Since weeks it seems to be the biggest issue amongst the new creatives, models, photographers, writers and partypeople in this town: how can I manage to get a ticket to the European Music Awards? (Taking place tonight in Berlin, by the way).  Tears, begging, despair and naughty offers,  I have seen a lot, but finally only a few got one of these tickets! What is all the fuzz about, I was thinking. Cause when I was asked for the first time if I had a ticket for the MTV thing, I had to think hard about where I know the name from. Then it occured to me, that MTV is that music channel that used to be very popular during the nineties! Oh, it still exists, you might ask.  It does! Apparently this seems to be one of those 90ies revival award shows. Is anyone still interested in a channel originally devoted to music that now only runs boring reality shows?

If you guys could not care less, we proudly present you our party guide,  full of music, that is for sure, right after the jump.

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Interview with a Party Boy

Berlin is a magnet to the youth from all over the world. Especially the pulsating nightlife seems to be one of the main attractions. Illeagal parties in abandoned villas, dark and raunchy clubs in old industrial buildings, spontanous raves in the middle of a park, artsy opening events of quirky little galleries and decadent champagne receptions in expensive boutiques. Berlin seems to have it all.

But how do you find the places that are too new or too underground to be in a tourist guide book or on some website’s event listing? We have met someone who has dedicated himself to answering this question. For more than two years Frank has been running the blog iHeartBerlin.de which now seems to be the number one source for many to find the best parties. We talked to him about Berlin and it’s nightlife after he finished a 7 day party marathon last week. Read on for the “interview”.

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Rainy Days!


Rainy days never say goodbye
to desire when we are together
Rainy days growing in your eyes
Tell me where’s my way…

Our party recommendations for rainy days and nights after the jump!

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The Weekend Menu



Ok, what’s on this weekend’s menu? Well, for a start many good parties but also an overloaded Saturday. Last one either meaning party hopping at an advanced level or you guys make up your mind. Oh please, don’t start to wee your pants, we’ll help you!

Oh, and we do give out guestlist spots for 2 parties this weekend. So it’s time to join our Facebook Group to get a chance to win. The parties after the click.

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It’s all about Thursdays



Ok, this weekend it’s all about Wurst, horses, meat, utopia, bass, demo, republic, gentlemen and swimming. This time a bit more for those of you who are culturally interested, here are your favourite partytips:

Vernissage at Bergstübl and Lucas Carrieri Gallery (Torstr. 96 as usual) tonight, go and absorb some art, ignoramous! If you just don’t care but got nasty collywobbles, have a proper German Wust tonight, at the opening of Fleischerei as a traditional Berlin Currywurst Restaurant at Torstr. 116. Yummie… More parties after the jump.

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Shopping with Peaches


Last Thursday during my usual shopping excursion through the high-end boutiques in Mitte which I can’t really affordin the first place, I met Peaches shopping for new stage outfits at Starstyling. Well, I have to say Starstyling is doing a pretty good job because she always looks incredible on stage. How convenient that I got a little invite to see her live this Friday at Club Berlin at WMF. If you want to join me go after the jump for details…

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The Fashion Week Party Guide


photo by Glamcanyon

Models, lights, guestlist… just do your best, darling! This week it’s all about fashion in Berlin as the Berlin Fashion Week is taking over the city once again. Of course fashion wouldn’t work without parties and parties wouldn’t work without fashion. And so it is that during Fashion Week the city experiences the highest amount of parties. After the jump we will give you an overview of the most interesting parties and you’ll get the chance to win guestlist spaces for parties by Vice, Levi’s, projektGalerie and Bread&Butter

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Better late then never…


Junior Boys

This weekend there might be a chance to grab some fresh air even for those of you who never see the light of day because of clubbing too hard. Not only there is the Fete de la Musique on Sunday that gives you a chance to visit one of the countless stages and parties all over Berlin for free but also the gay/lesbian Stadtfest around Motzstraße is taking place this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. If you’re now saying, well, Iam not gay, why should I give a sh.., I can tell you, by the way, as usual, Westbam himself is gonna play there at the Connection stage at the very end of the event on Sunday evening. Hurrraaa, the summer has arrived!! More parties after la jump.

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