The Weekend Menu



Ok, what’s on this weekend’s menu? Well, for a start many good parties but also an overloaded Saturday. Last one either meaning party hopping at an advanced level or you guys make up your mind. Oh please, don’t start to wee your pants, we’ll help you!

Oh, and we do give out guestlist spots for 2 parties this weekend. So it’s time to join our Facebook Group to get a chance to win. The parties after the click.

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Faith No More


Faith No More, the gods of crossover – or however you name their music – are back! Not only did they make their long-rumoured reunion official, they are also touring in Europe this summer – before even having played gigs in the States!

After the band split in the year of 1998 there seemed to be no chance for a reunion. Singer Mike Patton, drummer Mike Bordin, bassist Billy Gould, keyboarder Roddy Bottum and guitarist Jim Martin seemed to have too many differences to come together. And it seemed to be just another case of an extremely talented rock band whose members weren’t able to handle the side effects of their enormous success. Also the constant demands of fans all over the world could not convince the band members to approach one another. In a recent statement bassist Billy Gould explained that this year for the first time they all sat down together to talk and they realized that “through all the hard work, the music still sounds good, and we are beginning to appreciate the fact we might have actually done something right.”

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