The Art Highlights of Gallery Weekend Berlin 2019

Art lovers and exhibition goers have already been looking forward to this since months: the Berlin’s Gallery Weekend! The 15th edition will take place from the 26th to the 28th of April. With 45 galleries and around 1000 international and national guests, the Gallery Weekend Berlin successfully continues to draw in 30.000 visitors every year. It has also developed into a high-selling event on the art market, that many collectors from Russia, the USA or even China come to visit. The event reveals the multi-faceted and important work of the galleries, that help to build and support their artist’s careers, working with them to facilitate and design innovative and thought-provoking exhibitions of their works. Since it is difficult to decide which of the 45 galleries and many unofficial sideshows to visit, we intend to help you by pre-selecting our favorite 10! Enjoy.

Florian Meisenberg & David Renggli

For Gallery Weekend Berlin, Wentrup presents a joint exhibition by New York-based artist Florian Meisenberg and Zurich-based artist David Renggli in the gallery’s new space in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district. Florian Meisenberg experiments with reflecting the process of painting, as well as the specific boundaries of the medium. David Renggli shows his new creations from his series “Desire Painting”. In these paintings, Renggli zooms in on the actual material of painting, like the linen and paint. With his microscopic look, he pushes through the superficially thinned-out surface of art.

Florian Meisenberg & David Renggli, 27.04 – 01.06

Wentrup, Knesebeckstraße 95, 10623 Berlin

Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 11-6pm

photo: Wentrup


Stefanie Heinze: Odd Glove

„Odd Glove“ is Stefanie Heinze’s first solo exhibition in Berlin. The paintings and drawings depict scenes rife with fantastic encounters, composed of playfully transformative, and (a)sexual motifs. Themes such as psychology, social class, gender, sexuality, the nature and procurement of food, digestion and everyday weather exert a major impact on her work.

Odd Glove, Stefanie Heinze, April 26 – June 8, 2019

Capitain Petzel, Karl-Marx-Allee 45, 10178 Berlin

Opening Hours: Tue-Sat, 11-6pm

artwork: Stefanie Heinze


Tal R: Jew Cherry, Clown and Congo

In his exhibition, the Israeli artist Tal R explores multiple meanings an object holds – personal, collective – the permutations in meaning when objects are placed together. Since the late 90s, Tal has used Kolbojnik, the Hebrew word for leftovers, to describe his practice of accumulating and arranging objects.

Jew Cherry, Clown and Congo, Tal R, 27.4 – 1.6

Contemporary Fine Arts, Grolmanstraße 32/33, 10623 Berlin

Opening hours: Tue – Sat 11 – 6pm

artwork: Tal R


Pieter Schoolwerth: Virtual Relief

Pieter Schoolwerth’s exhibition captures invisible flows of abstraction that structure contemporary experience. He is exploring motifs for an elaborate new kind of figurative painting focusing on group portraiture. If you love multimedia exhibitions, this will be for you! The paint itself appears at the end of a layered, multi-media process only to supplement an already constituted image. For his solo debut at K-T Z Schoolwerth placed his paintings like a freestanding Artscape, that the viewer can literally ‘see through’.

Pieter Schoolwerth, Virtual Relief, 26.04–13.07.

Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Kohlfurter Straße 41/43, 10999 Berlin

Tuesday–Saturday 11–6 pm

artwork: Pieter Schoolwerth


Alice Aycock: Twister Grande

American sculptor and installation artist Alice Aycock will unveil her new large-scale sculpture “Twister Grande” during Gallery Weekend Berlin! Much of Aycock’s work has been a meditation on the philosophical ramifications of technology from the simplest tool to the computer. Many of her works incorporate images of wheels and turbines and references to energy in the form of spirals, whirlwinds, whirlpools and spinning tops.

Alice Aycock, Twister Grande, opening at 26th April at 6pm

Galerie Thomas Schulte, Charlottenstraße 24, 10117 Berlin

artwork: Alice Aycock


Larry Clark – 100 Euro

Known for his unparalleled insight into the world of teenagers, Larry Clark has been taking photographs and directing films from the 1970s until today. The photographs exhibited are from his personal archives and include portraits of himself and his friends, as well as behind the scene snapshots from the film sets and outtakes of photo shoots for Supreme and Dior.

ReTramp, Reuterstr. 62, 12047 Berlin

Open from 26th of April until May 5th, 11- 7pm

photo: Larry Clark


Björn Dahlem: Club Strangeness

Since the late 1990s, Björn Dahlem in his work explores the connection between an aesthetic universe and scientific images of the world. His installations, sculptures, and objects are mostly made of simple materials that he transforms into precisely composed and clearly handmade forms.

Opening: Friday 26 April 2019, 6 – 9 PM

Galerie Guido W. Baudach, Potsdamer Strasse 85, 10785 Berlin

artwork: Björn Dahlem


Paper Positions Berlin 2019

From 25 – 28 April 2019 Paper Positions Berlin will present outstanding artistic positions on drawing and the medium of paper in the impressive atrium of Telekom Hauptstadtrepraesentanz, near Gendarmenmarkt. This way the artists are given a presentation opportunity, which is dedicated to the medium of paper with all its specific features, its fragility, and its enormous versatility.

Telekom Hauptstadtrepräsentanz, Französische Straße 33 a-c, 10117 Berlin

Opening times: 26.4 – 28.4, 1 – 8 pm

photo: Paper Positions


Ensemble Mini & Alexander Iskin: From Russia with Soul

In celebration of Russian music, Ensemble Mini, the top soloists of Germany’s top orchestras, are launching their new concert series “From Russia with Soul“. They are fusing art and music when they are joined by German-Russian artist Alexander Iskin (represented by Sexauer Gallery), who will paint live in his self acclaimed “Interrealismus” style, as a hypnotic exploration of his exiled Russian soul.

Musikbrauerei, Greifswalder Str.23A, 10405 Berlin

April 25 & 26, 21h get tickets here

Alexander Iskin


Lars Wunderlich: What Are We Looking For?

Urban Spree gallery presents Lars Wunderlich’s “What Are We Looking For?”. The exhibition is an exploration of our tech-dominated and image-centric world. It questions our course towards endless progress, always more distant from the natural order, over-leveraging our resources and becoming one with technology. But what are we really looking for? And do we understand better?

Urban Spree, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin

Exhibition: 27.04 -19.05.

Opening Hours: Tu-Su 12-7pm

artwork: Lars Wunderlich


Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz: Ongoing Experiments with Strangeness

Are you ready for genius artistic weirdness? Pauline’s and Renate’s show comprises four large-scale moving image installations, stage elements, and sculptural objects that, according to the artists, experiment with strangeness and the unusual ways we encounter other human and non-human objects. I look very much forward to getting being “strangely” moved!

Julia Stoschek Collection, Leipziger Straße 60, 10117 Berlin

Exhibition: 25.4 – 28.7


On the Name Of The Figure in Painting

Studio Picknick surprises you with a very unconventional group show this Gallery Weekend. Figuration often occupies various spaces within the practices of the artists included in this exhibition; exploring the power of figuration and „The Figure“. In broad terms, this exhibition can be thought of as an opportunity to consider not only “The Figure”’s role in the production of contemporary art, but furthermore the potential for an aesthetic relation involving the artist and “The Figure”.

Studio Picknick, Potsdamer Straße 118, 10785 Berlin

Opening: Friday, April 26, 6-10 pm

Exhibition: Apr. 27 – May. 18, 2019

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