The Beautiful Feminist Puzzles by Wonderpieces from Berlin

As the gift-giving season approaches, we’re all on the lookout for fun and sustainably produced presents for friends and family. Wonderpieces, the new collection of feminist and socially conscious puzzles by the publishing house Familiar Faces might be exactly what you’re looking for!

The idea for this innovative puzzle collection came from Marie and Yvonn, the founders of Familiar Faces. These two Berlin moms have been known for creating products that bring the whole family together, starting with customizable childrens’ books. Now, Familiar Faces are addressing a wider audience with puzzle designs that celebrate feminism and inclusivity.


Wonderpieces feature 9 awesome designs by talented illustrators, including Jill Senft, Laura Breiling, Slinga, Ayşe Klinge, Rinah Lang, Haley Tippmann, Stephanie Wunderlich, and Notietzblock. Our favorites are “Les Femmes de la Décadence” by Laura Breiling and “Fight Today for a Better Tomorrow” by Notietzblock, but each illustration is a colorful masterpiece that emanates creativity.

Every puzzle box consists of 1000 pieces, so at least a few hours of rewarding relaxation are guaranteed – perfect if you’re looking to switch off your brain after work. All puzzles are sustainably produced in Germany and can be purchased for 34 euro each from the Familiar Faces online shop.


illustration: Laura Breiling

illustration: Jill Senft

illustration: Notietzblock

illustration: Ayse Klinge


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