The Berlin Street Parades of the Summer

photo: Jens Schwan. 

The summer has us in a daze of joy with the weather being so amazing and one event happening after the next. We find ourselves almost every day with a glass of Aperol Spritz in hand at some gathering enjoying the company of people and good music. July is brimming with opportunities to have fun and we are so here for it.

The summer is also the time for the big street parades and there are really countless ones happening is the next weeks, especially in relation to Pride. We selected some of the most important ones for you. 

Without wanting to be a buzzkill, we would still like to drop a serious word. We know society at large has decided to ignore that we’re still in a pandemic and we are not here to shame anyone for that. However, especially if you go to events we want to recommend the following: Freshen up your vaccination for covid. Test yourself before going to events. And if you plan to hoe around a little, get the monkeypox vaccination that will be available in Berlin in July.


#FashionUnites Parade


In conjunction with the new The Ground Festival at Messe Berlin the people behind the PLATTE project have organized a fashion parade that goes from Großer Stern to Messe on July 7th starting at 12h. They purpose is about sustainability, diversity, peace and solidarity. Everyone who joins the parade will be getting free entry to The Ground Festival.



Together Again: Rave The Planet Parade


It was a few years in the making, but the new iteration of the iconic Love Parade is finally happening again under a new title. Rave The Planet sets out to be just as a landmark event as its original. The parade will happen on July 9th and go from U-Bahn Uhlandstr. at 14h to Großer Stern with multiple stops with political speeches along the way. There are countless afterparties all over town, our recommendation goes out the one at Alte Münze co-hosted by our friends from Techno Team Berlin.



Pride Parades


Toward the end of July there is not one but multiple queer street parades here in Berlin. The main Berlin Pride takes place on July 23 and will go from Rotes Rathaus to Siegessäule with a big party at Straße des 17. Juni in the end. This is quite the commercial event with lots of brands having trucks with lots of sponsoring. If you like it less commercial, there is one alternative pride: The Anarchistischer CSD on July 17 at 15h at Mariannenplatz. On July 22nd at 18h there is also the Dyke March starting at Platz der Luftbrücke if you wanna walk with our lesbian sisters. And on July 30 there is the Transpride that you can join in solidarity with trans*, non-binary and gender-fluid people. It starts at 14h at Kotti and will go all the way through Kreuzberg to Mariannenplatz.



Zug der Liebe


The Zug der Liebe parade started a few years ago as a non-commercial alternative to the Love Parade. Every year this parade takes a bit of a different route through town with several non-profits leading the trucks with their important political and social messages. It’s always been wild and fun and we can’t wait! This year it takes place on August 27 and will start at 13h at Mauerpark, and zig zag through Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Mitte and Kreuzberg until finishing at Moritzplatz.


photo: Jens Schwan

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