photo: Artem Gavrysh. 

With the current quarantine in place, Berlin culture makers have to get creative for the coming weeks. It didn’t take long before those who are used to live events decided to explore the potential of live streaming. The Hebbel theater, various clubs led by the Clubcommission Berlin, musicians who had to cancel their concerts, as well as local performance artists were the first ones to re-organize themselves and offer live stream versions of their planned programming. I think it’s certainly a great alternative to stay connected with the cultural scene of Berlin instead of just mindlessly binge-watching things on Netflix.

We will use our event calendar in the coming weeks to present to you some of the most interesting live streams coming from Berlin, including DJ sets, performances, concerts, workshops, comedy shows and so much more. We hope this will keep you entertained at night.


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on March 18th, 2020
in Events