The Electric Minds of the Berlinale: A First Class Experience at the Audi Berlinale Lounge


To get in the mood for the Berlinale festivities, Audi invited us to their Berlinale Open House program at the Audi Berlinale Lounge at Marlene-Dietrich-Platz. During the entire run of the film festival, Audi and the Berlinale have put together an interesting and diverse program of panels, performances, and interviews, that are taking place in the comforts of their elegant and yet cozy lounge.

We loved the classy and glamorous feel of the place, with its dark walls, dimmed lights, stylish food and drinks, and the first class view right onto the Red Carpet. The location is one of a kind, since it is right next to the Red Carpet and thus part of the event. On Saturday, we went there to experience one of their new formats this year: Electric Minds.


For this, creative minds and brave thought leaders from film, culture, auto industry and music come together to discuss the topics tension, reach and silence from different perspectives. On our visit, we enjoyed a panel discussion with the yoga guru Steph Jaksch, Theremin player Lydia Kavina, philosopher and filmmaker Johannes Krell and automobile journalist Andreas Kreßler.

Yoga and Theremin? These two topics have absolutely nothing in common – or so it seems! But for both, you need body tension. We listened to the experts draw parallels between these seemingly very different components.

“Body tension is important in theremin, similar to yoga. The theremin is influenced by everything around it. The body is part of the instrument, as it moves within the circle of the electromagnetic field.” Lydia Kavina

The audience watched a short piece of one of Johannes Krell’s expressive short films, playing with shadow, light and the arc of tension. After that, he explained the term from his creative perspective.

“Photography and film translate the natural tension in our world, that occurs in our everyday life, within relationships, in the city and nature.” Johannes Krell

The panel guests had found remarkable ways to link the term tension to their areas of expertise, showing proof of how energy and tension are vital to almost everything we do. Following this interesting talk, Lydia Kavina proceeded to give a moving concert playing the Theremin. After this, the amazing DJ JAIMIIE opened up the Berlinale Lounge Night, inviting people to stay, mingle and watch the red carpet spectacle from above.


People loved that first class view and we agree, it’s the perfect place to mingle with fellow film fans while feeling glamorous and part of the event at the same time.

Snack on delicious red prawns, udon noodles with truffle parmesan or tasty trofie pasta. Accompanied by wines and fancy cocktails, you got all you need for that Berlinale night. The Audi Berlinale Lounge and its program are open to anyone, you can just come and enjoy! They have an interesting list of performances and talks lined up for the week, that function as an intellectual extension of the Berlinale film program.


To sum it up, in case you want to experience the Berlinale before but didn’t know where to go, the Audi Berlinale Lounge is offering you a first class Berlinale experience.

The detailed program of the Berlinale Open House can be found here, also check out our selected highlights here.

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