The Highlights of the Festival of Lights 2019

The Festival of Lights amazes me once more with how it manages to mobilize such a huge amount of Berliners to come out of the house at night to explore the city. If you walk along any of the trails of the festival you will encounter so many other people walking around discovering the many light art projections all over the city it feels like the night becomes day – and a busy one at that.

Until October 20th, 2019, every night from 19-23h you will be able to discover countless projections – many also animated with elaborate mappings that embrace the architecture and details – at various buildings in the city such as the TV tower, the Humboldt Forum, the Berliner Dom, several buildings around Bebelplatz, the Brandenburger Gate, the high rises at Potsdamer Platz, etc.

This year’s highlight was for sure the show at Brandenburger Gate about the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall. Also, the newly opened James-Simon-Gallery at Museumsisland has a particularly stunning projection that beautifully reflects in the water. Now enjoy some impressions of this year’s Festival of Lights.

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