The Hottest Calendars for 2023 Created by Berlin Artists

The end of the year is coming. Not long now and the old familiar feelings are spreading: a bit of melancholy, a touch of longing, but above all the anticipation of the new year. It’s not called “New Year, new happiness” for nothing, is it?

And even if you already had a lot of joy in 2022, I’m sure we all share the desire to have even more of it in 2023. Be it through traveling, festivities, reunions, work or time for ourselves. We just shouldn’t lose track of all our plans. And what better way to keep organized than with the enchanting calendars of Berlin’s artists? We have looked around and compiled the most beautiful among the beauties for you. 

Here are our inspirations for the year 2023:


by Javier Alejandro Cerrada

Long live chaos! In Bless this Mess by Venezuelan photographer Javier Alejandro Cerrada, we find everything that makes our hearts beat faster: Unusual motifs, stylish flair and that certain something. Javier lives and works in Berlin and captures, among other things, the night life of the Berlin scene through his camera lens. His twelve photographs in this calendar show that par excellence: they celebrate diversity and are a highlight on any wall.




by Javier Alejandro Cerrada

Look at my butt, baby! How beautiful can humans actually be from behind? In Buns Bums Butt Javier focuses on the very own beauty of the butt and shows: it is a wonderful motif for the camera. If you can’t get enough of so much sex positivity, you should definitely grab it. 




by Rory Midhani

Let’s get loud! With Rory Midhani, things get colorful. His calendar does not only bring color to your walls, it also brightens up gray days with his ovation to gender diversity, sex and body positivity. Rory’s style is queer and camp in a very unique and playful way. The two-dimensional figures are based on real puppets that Rory crafts as well. We think: It doesn’t get any cuter than this!



by Xuehka and Frauler

Fairy tales are written by time … In this case they are written by a very special collaboration. Colombian artist Xuehka has teamed up with FRAULER (aka Paula Fraile) to create a unique calendar. In it, twelve enchanting illustrations embellish each month of the next year. Imaginative, strong and dreamy – ideal to really get going in 2023 and turn your dreams into reality.




by Benjamin Patch

Do sports calendars ever actually come in, well, cool? They do now! Benjamin Patch has made it possible. For the second time, the BR Volleys team has posed for a calendar by the queer ex-volleyball player and hipster boy from Berlin. Benjamin’s Berlin Recycling Volleys spreads like a diary entry of emotions and feelings that no doubt many people can relate to. The calendar captures moments of pain, joy, falling and transition – facets of life, in fact, that hopefully each of us will be able to experience in 2023. Through Benjamin’s aesthetic black and white photographs, we have at least something for the eye already. His photos show closeness, team membership and the subtle story of someone who has left a team.



And since Benjamin could hardly decide between the possible calendar photos, he has another gem for us: a 52-page photo book that impressively shows the warmth and transformation that men coming together can have when they feel safe. Because, “There’s more love in men than we often get to see.” If you want to order both copies at once, you can buy the bundle instead.




The world needs strong women. The MISSY MAGAZINE calendar brings some of them as a statement into our own four walls: Each month surprises again and again with cool quotes from even cooler feminists. High-quality portraits, a brightly colored layout and feminist thoughts that don’t just make every day special, but give you courage above all. A must-have for everyone looking to be empowered throughout the next year.




by Lennart Nölle

What’s the best way to warm up in the cold season? By having a good dose of hotness, of course! And that’s what Lennart Nölle provides us with in his HOTTIES 2023 calendar. The illustrator and comic artist from Berlin explores queerness, sex and body positivity in his work. In HOTTIES he gathers his colorful illustrations in a tasteful and contemporary pin-up style – and thus ensures to melt any ice for sure.


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