The iHeartBerlin Picnic at Staatsoper für Alle – The Bliss of Classical Music

Berlin is not a city known for its love of stability and traditions. Things change rapidly, and what may be your favorite party or restaurant today could easily become dull and uninteresting tomorrow. As Berliners, we are spoiled with an infinity of options. However, there are certain events that should never be overlooked and genuinely deserve the label of “timeless.”

One of these rare gems is the annual free open-air concert, Staatsoper für Alle, which transforms Bebelplatz into a magnificent arena for classical music. Even if you haven’t been a fan of opera music in the past, attending this event may change your perspective. It’s similar to the effect of being in a stadium surrounded by devoted fans; eventually, the music will resonate with you.

Fuller than ever – 33,000 Participants

Over 33,000 classical music enthusiasts came over the course of the weekend to immerse themselves in the tunes of Verdi, Wagner, and Bruckner. The Bebelplatz was too small to contain such a massive crowd. But fortunately, the street was closed to traffic, so the audience could sit directly on the concrete floor of Unter den Linden.



A small picnic circle as part of a big fan community 

Recognizing that these numbers can be overwhelming for those who have never attended this event, iHeartBerlin made it possible for our readers to join us in witnessing this spectacle firsthand in a more intimate circle. It has become a tradition for us to host a delightful picnic in collaboration with Staatsoper each year. But this is not just any ordinary picnic; it is a feast that will leave a lasting impression.

This year’s picnic extravaganza took inspiration from Italian aperitivos and featured some truly special sweet treats by Anjoy Pastry. The highlight were Pistachio Choux, a delicacy created exclusively for our picnic. The fortunate readers who won spots in the raffle thoroughly enjoyed these treats, and we were delighted to have the opportunity to meet them in such a relaxed setting.



If you missed out on this year’s event, there’s no need to worry. Rest assured, the picnic and Staatsoper für Alle will undoubtedly return next year. Until we gather again, may these impressions of this year’s event ignite your imagination and inspire your own picnic adventures.

Staatsoper für Alle is organized by Staatsoper Berlin in collaboration with their long-standing partner BMW, who supports the Opera in making this event free of charge for everybody and classical music more accessible.

Furthermore, the event is part of the program of Kultursommerfestival 2023.

Photos: Frank R. Schröder

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