The Soothing Sound of Office Background Noise for Your Home Office

So, how do you enjoy your 4th week of home office so far? It’s awfully quiet, isn’t it? Who would have thought, that of all the things you would miss about going to work is the everyday ruffling and shuffling of your more or less annoying coworkers and the sound of your copy machine. But it’s true, at home it can be so quiet you’ll eventually hear the walls crack. What would you do to hear the totally fake laugh of Karen from accounting that she performs for you not-that-funny boss? Or the annoying passive-aggressive deep breaths by IT guy fixing someone else’s computer for the millionth time. Ah, what a joy a day in the office can be, you may think, slurping your coffee giving someone else the pleasure of typical office background noise.

But you don’t have to miss out on this any longer. Berlin creative agency The Kids came up with the perfect solution: An easy-to-use website that generates typical office background sounds on a loop. You can even specify the number of co-workers and activate certain objects such as a water dispenser and a ping-pong table. You can simply try it out yourself at and press the play button in the lower-left corner. You’ll never have to miss your own office ever again (at least not for lack of background noise).

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