The Stories of Berlinstagram

Michael Schulz‘s Instagram account with the catchy title Berlinstagram has always been one of our favorites. If, like us, you’re fans of his unique take on our urban aesthetic, you’ll be excited to know his most iconic photographs (along with some previously unseen ones) will be featured in a brand new book from the Berlin Stories series. Today, we would like to give you a sneak peek into the photo selection!

A bird’s eye view of two hot-dog sellers, a Chewbacca-lookalike getting his späti groceries or a stash of discarded plastic cups are intertwined with impressive shots of architecture and familiar images of classic Berliners just going around their everyday lives. The photographs from Berlinstagram capture the Hauptstadt life in all its surprising variety.

Berlinstagram’s collection is already the 5th issue of the Berlin Stories series from the Hatje Cantz publishing house. Previously, they featured works from Ama Split & Riky Kiwy, Ed Broner, Ralph Mecke, Annette Hauschild and Jason McGlade – each presenting Berlin through their very own lens. You can order the Berlinstagram edition now here.


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