The Unadorned Realness of Berlin

As born and raised Neuköllner the 26-years-old photographer Hanko Ye really knows how to capture the unadorned and raw side of life in Berlin.

Any kind of daily urban situation could represent a source of inspiration. He shoots photos of the streets, U-Bahn stations or green spaces. Private or public, intimate or social, forbidden or ordinary, ugly or beautiful: every moment and every detail becomes a puzzle piece of the bigger picture that is this incredible city.

His focus is on the people around him, regardless of their age, origin, appearance or style. With a sharp eye, he finds them in those mundane, authentic moments of everyday life that would normally go unnoticed. Of course, a certain boldness and unapologetic honesty come with the territory. So it comes as no surprise that some of his photos overstep our social comfort zone. But it’s exactly those brutal truths about life in Berlin that make his images so relatable.

Whenever you feel the need for an inspiring look into Berlin realness, have a look at his website and recommended!



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