The Viktoriapark Waterfall Overflowing with Naked Bodies

photos: Abdulsalam Ajaj

Victoria Park is one of my favorites places in Berlin. Being able to have that beautiful green spot around the corner in a huge city like this is a true luxury. Especially because of the stunning view of the waterfall and the streets you can enjoy when you get to the top. So it’s no wonder that this spot was chosen to create a compelling and sensual artistic piece.

“Waterfall” is a human installation of naked bodies that cover the path that the water follows. Bodies that lay down naked next to each other, intertwined. Now the naked bodies are the water that runs down that magnificent waterfall. Together they become an endless entity of freed skin that occupies the wild landscape. They have become nature.  The responsible creator behind this compelling work is Mischa Badasyan, a Russian artist and activist based in Berlin. The photos of the human installation were taken by Abdulsalam Ajaj.

And now, the artist invites you to take part in this unique experience by giving your body to art. You’ll agree with me when I say that the opportunity to transform your body into art doesn’t happen every day. But once again, Berlin keeps surprising us. If you feel curious and excited and want to take part, now is your chance! Mischa Badasyan is planning to occupy the Berlin subway and cover certain stations with bodies. Don’t hesitate and contact him through his website. We are already looking forward to the results.



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