There Are No Orange Trees in Berlin – A Movie by Kida Ramadan

photo: Tim Rosenbohm, Port au Prince Pictures. 

At iHeartBerlin, we like to showcase different perspectives on the city, proving that Berlin truly is a canvas for all different kinds of stories. “In Berlin wächst kein Orangenbaum”, Kida Ramadan’s directorial debut, is a film that features the streets of Kreuzberg in a way which goes beyond the usual imagery of late-night snacks and parties.

“In Berlin wächst kein Orangenbaum” is a new movie set in Berlin which follows the story of Nabil, a man who leaves prison after 15 years and tries to adjust to his new reality. One surprising element of that new reality is the fact that Nabil now has a teenage daughter (played by Emma Drogunova). But that’s not all. Indeed, the main character is struggling to become a father figure as he’s dealing with other personal crises, which drastically change his perspective on life.

The script is co-written by Juri Sternburg and Kida Ramadan, who also directed the movie and played the main character. You might recognize Ramadan from the successful TV show 4 Blocks, when he became famous with the iconic portrayal of Toni. The cast of “In Berlin wächst kein Orangenbaum” features yet another star of 4 Blocks: Frederick Lau, who’s previously appeared in “Victoria”, another famous movie set in Berlin.

The premiere of the movie is taking place on September 24th.



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