These Berlin Cafes Deliver Breakfast & Brunch to your Home

Geist im Glas Brunch, photo: Julia Liebisch. 

Last week we already introduced you to all those great Berlin restaurants that currently deliver their lovely food to your home. Today we wanna cover all your breakfast and brunch cravings! For me, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and going to a cafe for a French Toast or Shakshuka is one of my favorite things in terms of eating out. Many cafes are completely closed right now, only a few are still cooking and offer take away, and when it comes to delivery, well, the options are even more limited. But luckily, those few options that we could find, are excellent as they are some of the best brunch and breakfast options anyway.

As with the restaurant guide, as well you have to keep in mind that some of the delivery services of the following places are brand new and might still have room for improvement, so be patient with them in these complicated times. Also, the photos don’t necessarily reflect the dishes they offer for delivery as these change on a daily bases for some places. The times and days they offer delivery also vary, so please follow the link in the text to find out more about the specifics of their delivery services.


Rocket + Basil


This lovely lunch and brunch place in Schöneberg is quite experienced with delivery as they are also a catering service. Rocket + Basil offers take-away, but also a delivery service. You can simply order your dishes online.


photo: Rebecca Crawford


Hallesches Haus


We miss this place so much! The lovely store has always offered its products online, also an extensive range of gourmet food and drinks, but since the lockdown, they also offer delivery of brunch options on Sundays. They deliver to Xberg, Neukölln, Schöneberg and Mitte.


photo: Hallesches Haus


Geist im Glas


One of the most beloved brunch places in Neukölln is certainly the one at the Geist im Glas bar. It’s for sure the only place I know that combines a cocktail bar with a brunch place. They offer their weekend brunch now as a take-away and delivered to your home which is really amazing! Send those pancakes our way!


photo: Julia Liebisch


Apocalypse Delivery


This new delivery service was started during the lockdown to deliver the products and foods from various cafes all over Berlin including the brunch ingredients of Father Carpenter, bread by Albatros Bakery, coffee beans by Vote, teas by Companion, and cheese by Alte Milch. What’s great is that with one order you can mix and match products from different places to compile your breakfast.


photo: Father Carpenter





The popular healthy place Daluma at Weinbergsweg has already done delivery before the lockdown, so they are quite prepared for it, using the easiest available option: Lieferando. You’ll most likely be able to order from a certain radius that includes Mitte, Gesundbrunnen and Prenzlauer Berg.


photo: Daluma


My Goodness


The small healthy cafe My Goodness at Brunnenstraße also has a quite professional set-up for their new delivery service. They have an array of lovely lunch and breakfast options including bowls and smoothies that you can conveniently order through their website.


photo: My Goodness




French cafe Fleury is a total classic in Mitte and one of our trusted places for cake and breakfast. They currently use Lieferando to deliver all of their dishes and sweets to your home. We recommend a fruit tart with your Croque!


photo: iHeartBerlin

Superfoods & Organic Liquids


Superfoods & Organic Liquids is another trusted option for healthy and contemporary breakfast options that currently offers a selection of their meals delivered to your home from all three of their cafes at Weinbergsweg, Friedrichstraße and Schlüterstr. in Charlottenburg.


photo: Superfoods Berlin


Aera Bakery


Last but not least we want to include one of the bakery delivery services that is coming in handy now: Aera is specialized in glutenfree bakery goods including bread and granola for your breakfast delights.


photo: Aera Bakery

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