These New Music Videos are Giving us Summer Vibes

Our last music feature is only a few weeks old and we’re already here with some new fresh tunes to brighten your day and fill your night. You can feel the mood is shifting in the city, with a bit of a delay due to the lockdown people coming out of their shells, become social again and want to embrace the good weather. How can you blame them? We are certainly feeling it too.

With our new music listicle, we are serving you a bunch of recent releases by some of our favorite local musicians, but also some non-Berliners that still vibe with us and have some connection to the city. You can look forward to music from Parcels, Thomas Azier, Rangleklods, and more.

Yuphoric feat. Sedric Perry


Our hottest track comes from the new Berlin band Yuphoric that has teamed up with vocalist Sedric Perry that some of you might know from his funky RnB duo FHAT. The silky-smooth track gives us total summer vibes, also because of the beautiful music video that features gorgeous Berlin voguer Christopher from the House of Saint Laurent Europe, and dancer Ami summering smoothly by the lake.





This entry in our list is a call-back to 2011 when we discovered Rangleklods for the first time. Back then he was one of the few musicians we would actually write about and if I remember correctly he was between Berlin and Denmark at the time. We quickly fell in love with his golden voice and his edgy pop sound. Over the years he went through quite the evolution, taking on another band member, changing the band name, and to a more polished alt-pop sound. His new song Never Lie is a return to his solo roots and old name and we are totally here for it. Love to hear his voice again and the song is a real bop.





Berlin-based band Parcels have been sprinkled all over our playlists since their hit Hide Out and we were happy to get something new from them during the lockdown. They released a wonderful live session album (and an hour-long live performance video) that was recorded at Berlin’s Hansa Studios before the quarantine. Music experts will know this name, as it was the place where David Bowie recorded during his time in Berlin.



Thomas Azier


This might easily be the most dramatic song on our list with such a cinematic music video shot in Myanmar. Thomas Azier has never been shy to put out big sounds and big images. I admit I’m having goosebumps watching this video…





We rarely have electronic music acts on our list, even though we at iHeart are such techno lovers. So, Berlin musician Velve is really mixing up the style here with her new album X to the Million that came out just a few weeks ago. Her jazzy vocals mixed with minimal electronic beats and the occasional playful harmony are really pushing the right buttons for us. There is already a whole bunch of music videos out, but we picked our favorite Epsilon for you.



Lie Ning


An iHeartBerlin music feature would not be the same without Lie Ning. The Berlin wunderkind has been busy as per usual and his latest outing – another delicious acoustic version from his debut EP track Wandering Romance – is an absolute serve. Nobody waves his arms around in the air in slow motion quite like him.



Free Free Dom Dom


This one should have been in our last music post in April already but it slipped our attention. Our friends Laetitia and Philippe have been using the quarantine to make some new music straight out of their bed (which is totally our vibe these days). “In Bed” is actually not one song, but a sweet and joyful EP with 6 new tracks. Loves it.


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