To be an Artist is to Fail: A Comedy Show about Berlin’s Creative Expats

To be an artist is to fail. These famous words by Marcel Proust introduce the Berlin-based web series “Big Heads”.  As much appreciation as there is for Berlin’s international creative community, plenty of well-known stereotypes of artists have formed over the years. They persistently keep poking fun at those dreamful expats who come to Berlin to fulfill their desires of becoming an artist.

Producer and author Marlene Melchior and Alex Forge quickly picked up on this joke that is going around town on behalf of Berlin’s creative expat community and decided to start a mini web series about the dark hassle in the life of an aspiring artist in Berlin. The award-winning show is called Big Heads and documents the life of Anjuna Pashnani, a British girl in her quarter-life crises who moved to Berlin to become a writer of any kind, in search of a writing career she wants to pursue, the artsy characters she meets along the way and the typical challenges she faces to feel accomplished and arrived in Berlin.

The show consists of 5 short episodes on Melchior’s Youtube Channel BigHeadsTheShow that each feature a stereotypical situation of an expats artist life in Berlin, that’s so over the top that you can’t help but laugh and nod as in “oh yeah, I’ve seen that…”.

To give you a taste of what is awaiting you, we added each episode with a quick summary below!


Episode 1

Anjuna admits to her quarter-life crisis, questions her career aspirations and describes what life in Berlin feels like to her.


Episode 2

After deciding that her thing is going to be writing a blog about non-artist-artists, she goes on to examine the contemporary dance scene in Berlin in order to write about it.


Episode 3

Following her friend who is a contemporary dancer to an audition, Anjuna learns about the fears and challenges of being a dancer in Berlin.


Episode 4

After debating a career change and meeting up with the cool head of a Berlin startup, her hipster coffee addiction takes a toll on her interview.


Episode 5

May 1st in Berlin! Anjuna has her cousin visiting her to experience the famous celebration when the decision to take extasy for the first time ends in a beautiful disaster.

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