Try Something New: 10 Amazing Courses & Workshops in Berlin

When you’ve got your life somehow vaguely figured out in Berlin, it is very easy to fall into a weekly routine. You see the same people, eat at the same restaurants and go after your favorite hobby. And somehow, this routine becomes dangerously comfortable, until boredom dares us to try something new. Personally, I fear and love my comfort zone. Love it, because Netflix & Angry Chicken with my hubby is fricking amazing. Hate it, because it keeps my mind from expanding. So, I challenge you and me to go out and try something new in the upcoming weeks. I came up with some ideas, fellas, see you there!!

1. Percussion workshop at Café Klangwerk

In case you want to try something different this week that you need no preparation for, come to the wonderful drum circle of Kambiz Rahmati. He is an insanely talented musician with Iranian roots, who hosts weekly drum workshops and warmly introduces you to the art of creating a rhythm. The course takes place in his sons beautiful music-café, Café Klangwerk, that’s a hip symbiosis of a cozy coffee and music shop.

Café Klangwerk, every Wednesday at 7pm – 9pm, 25€. 01773216368 for bookings.


2. Get Back into a Language

Probably one of the best decisions this winter: I signed up for French lessons in December at Salut Ca Va?. I feel thrilled to get my french back to what it once was, while having the best teacher by my side. Christine Balfanz at Salut, Ca-va? does an amazing job at helping you to learn to speak French again. In case you have any doubts, just start! Are you more into Spanish? Our editor in chief, Frank, truly enjoyed taking Spanish lessons at Tu Tambien in Prenzlauer Berg. These guys also actually helped him to get his Spanish back on track in time before heading to Venezuela! If you enjoy learning a language, start now, you’ll never regret investing in a language.

Salut, Ca-Va? Group lessons starting at 20€ for 60min.
Tu Tambien, 12-Week/90min beginners course: 159€

Christine Balfanz, Salut Ca Va


3. Learn Foreign Cuisine at Kochhaus

I have given these courses away as gifts many times because “Kochhaus” just never ever disappoints when it comes to hosting a fantastic culinary evening! Even though you have no idea of the cuisine you are getting into, you will be guided through every step of the menu. Learn new cooking skills, learn about foreign cuisine and get as many tasty glasses of wine, as you can possibly (gracefully) drink. Atmosphere: 10! Cooking experience: 10! You can’t go wrong with them.

Kochhaus; courses start at 79€, book here.

photo: Kochhaus


4. Partner Yoga at Element Yoga

Acro-Yoga is downright amazing. It was such an exhilarating experience to try acrobatic maneuvers with my partner, having to trust and be trusted in while holding each other up. I can only recommend it to you, with your friend or partner. Also, the atmosphere inside the “classroom” at Element Yoga was so relaxed and welcoming. Lots of open-minded, fun young people that came together in this room to learn more about the art of acro. I say: Go for it!

Element Yoga, 15€ per session, check their schedule out here.

photo: Form Fitness


5. Screenprint Workshop at Le Raclet

Let’s do some screenprinting this spring! The screenprint studio Le Raclet is located right in Kreuzberg and focusses on screenprints onto all sorts of surfaces and materials. The workshop they offer is an intensive screen printing class, great both for beginners and for people who need to reboot their knowledge. You will be shown all the intriguing aspects of screen printing and guided by a professional tutor while creating a 2-color edition on paper that we will print in 20 copies, 20×30 cm.

The workshop takes place between 11am-7pm, 75€, book here.

photo: Le Raclet


6. Take a Contemporary Dance Lesson at Dock11

I know that you want it, but you just don’t dare to. And now I encourage you to do it!! Take a dance lesson at Dock11 and prove yourself that you, indeed, CAN overcome your fears and dance. I know it’s not easy to make a dork out of yourself, also for those among you, who have a background in dance. But this FEELING, when you have completed a contemporary dance class and actually danced your heart out – priceless. So go book a lesson at this wonderful warmhearted place called Dock11. Whether it is Ballet, contemporary Ballet or contemporary Dance – they will support you to go for it!

Dock 11, single lesson: 12€, try out: 9€, take a look at their courses here.

photo: Dock11


7. Meditative Archery at Bogenwege

Want to invest in a course to remember? Intuitive Archery it is. I cannot tell you how relaxing and satisfying it actually is to stretch your bow, aim for the target, focus and let the arrow shoot. The tension and release of the process create a beautiful flow, that is going to lift your mood during these dark days. The wonderful Latifah Rothacker at Bogenwege will support and guide you through your archery experience.

Bogenwege, contact her at to ask for prices.

photo: iHeartBerlin


8. Self-Defense Course at Selbstverteidigung für Jedermann

I bet you have thought about it before. Especially since Berlin is huge and scary at night. Walking 15 minutes to your apartment at 4 o’clock in the morning, passing a park and dark alleys, it surely has crossed your mind (as it has crossed mine several times). Selbstverteidigung für Jedermann is making self-defense fairly easy for you. They’ve got compact beginners classes, that teach you all the essential self-defense moves. The course takes 3 months for you to have enough practice to actually know what you’re doing when the situation strikes. Hell yeah!

Train twice a week for 3 months, 240€, book here.

photo: Aandrei Lazarev

9. Learn How to Roast Coffee at Flying Roasters

Want to try something unconventional? Grab your friend and dabble in one of the coffee making seminars at Flying Roasters! These guys will even teach you how to make your morning filter coffee stand out! At their roastery in Wedding you can choose between barista and latte art courses or to learn more about the roasting process. Coffee lovers will absolutely love this!

Courses start at 59,90€, book here.

photo: Maria Fernanda Gonzalez


10. Take Painting Lessons with Kirsten Weiser

I tried many painting courses, but no one does it like Kirsten. She invites a group of dedicated (beginner) painters to her beautiful little atelier, where she creates a calm and supportive environment to make that painting happen, that you choose on the day with her (or come prepared.) Within 4 hours, she will guide you, show you painting techniques and give you plenty of advice on how to bring your vision onto paper. In summer, you can peacefully paint on her terrace overlooking her beautiful garden – it truly is an experience.

12€ for 2 hours, bring your own material. Make your bookings in advance!

photo: Jade Stevens



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