Walls Breathing Sound – A new Sound Exhibition at Halle am Berghain

photo: Roman März. 

How can you manifest sound in space? The two Austrian born and Berlin-based sound artists Sam Auinger and Hannes Strobl found an answer in their new soundscape inside the Halle am Berghain that just opened this week for visitors. 

Halle am Berghain is a majestic piece of industrial architecture right next to the club-space that has been shut down now for over 4 months. Fortunately, exhibitions are allowed to open since a couple of weeks – and so I warmly recommend to go visit the work called “eleven songs – halle am berghain”.

Feeling the Room through Sound – A Unique Experience


When you enter the space, you first feel disoriented just because it’s so vast and you have the feeling of emptiness that only this kind of cathedral-style industrial buildings can express. 

After walking around and admiring the surrounding you wonder where your eyes should rest since the exhibition is invisible. The only changing element is the sound of the different pieces that shift from calming to noisy – they even make you nervous and scared at some points.

What makes this exhibition particularly special is that the sound designers managed to nearly hide all the speakers. You literally have the feeling the room is breathing sound.


photo: Roman März

Who is behind this unique exhibition?

The initiator of this project is called Singuhr Projekte and its an artist initiative to develop and share unique sound installations all over Berlin. Their main goal is to bring sound-art to a broader audience that is open to discover this particular art form in an urban setting. 

eleven songs – halle am berghain by singuhr – projekte berlin & tamtam

15.07. – 02.08.2020 ; Wednesday – Sunday 14h – 20h

Cost: 8 €/ reduced 5 €

Halle, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin


photo: Roman März

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