Why Berlin Needs to Step up for the LGBTQI* Rights in Poland

Poland is only a two hours bus or train ride away. Still, the situation for LGBTQI* people could not be more different than in Berlin. The politics of the strictly catholic neighbor country is still holding on moral concepts of the 40s. Assaults and police brutality against members of the Rainbow spectrum became more in the last years. These are issues that queer activist from all over the world are becoming aware of and want to tackle on. 

But, what can we do, to create a lasting impact? I guess some changes won’t happen overnight. But this does not mean that we can do nothing. This upcoming weekend in the beautiful nearby town of Szczecin (Stettin) there will be a pride parade. Since the city is comparably small the local LBGTQI* community would love some support from outside to show how diverse the spectrum of the rainbow is. 

The Berlin community initiative Voices4Berlin is supporting the Szczecin Pride Parade by organizing collective group rides to the event. Check out their website and if you can’t go still share this news with your friends. I think it is very beautiful that our strong Berlin community is showing their power to support other LGBTQI* events near our town. Our neighbors count on us. Let’s not disappoint them. 

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