Yoga While You Wait – The Funniest Book About Yoga in the City

photos: Markus Abele

I totally get that Yoga is not for everybody. Sometimes when I am sitting there, in one of those hardcore Jivamukti classes where they sing all together and talk about important life lessons I try to imagine the face of my grandmother when the yoga teacher says: “You are a beautiful flower. And now please spread your legs and hips wide to let the deep emotions in. Like the sunshine is entering with its beams into your inner flower”.

My secret method to enjoy these kinds of situations is taking it with a sense of humor. It’s like a free live episode of one of your favorite comedy shows and you build muscles and flexibility while watching it. I call it a win-win! But that does not mean that I don’t take yoga seriously. Actually, it’s one of the few things in my weekly routine that helped me in many situations of life for the past 8 years.


A similar humorous yet serious approach to yoga was made by the author Judith Stoletzky and the photographer Markus Abele. In their new book Yoga while you wait they depicted typical normal German people while doing Yoga in the most mundane daily situations. The message of the book is clear. You don’t need to go to an expensive yoga class to practice yoga. Do it while you wait in line for the toilet, the elevator or for your hairdresser’s appointment.

The photos have a singular humor to them that is typically German and yet totally unorthodox at the same time. Maybe if you are a Yoga sceptic this book is a good start for a fresh January resolution to change something. Even if it’s only to entertain your surrounding people while you wait with a funny yoga pose.

If you want to learn more about the book check it out here. Also, if you want to practice Yoga in Berlin we made a loong list a while ago with great yoga studios all over Berlin.

Namaste and Omshantishantishubidu!

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