You Can Get a Rapid Corona Test at KitKatClub Starting this Week

photo: KitKatClub. 

According to a Facebook and Instagram post, the legendary Berlin fetish club KitKat will be offering rapid corona tests starting this Friday the 4th of December for only 25 euros. Rapid corona tests are basically impossible to get in Berlin and COVID tests usually cost around 150 euros. In line with the club’s hedonistic reputation, the post asked guests to “come naked and wild,” but quickly amended that admitting that although it would be funny, a line of naked people around the block would probably lead to legal action against the club because of suspected illegal parties. The post indicated that KitKat thought rapid tests would be extremely important for the reopening of nightlife despite a vaccine on the horizon. All the tests will be administered by medical professionals.

Here’s how to get a test if you’re interested in this cheap and quick option:


  1. Register here and you’ll receive a QR code.
  2. Bring your QR code to KitKat at Köpenickerstraße 76, 10179 Berlin (1 minute walk from U Bahn Heinrich Heine Straße). Enter via the usual club entrance. It’ll almost feel like a normal night out again!
  3. Enter the club with your mask on. Pay using a Giro or credit card. The test costs 24,90 euros and it is not possible to pay with cash.
  4. Show the staff your QR code and you’ll get tested with a throat swab.
  5. You’ll receive a message with your results in 25 approximately minutes. If the results are inconclusive, you’ll be invited back for a second test for free. If you test positive, KitKat asks you to quarantine and contact your doctor for a PCR test as soon as possible. KitKat will report all positive cases to the Gesundheitsamt (health authority).


This week KitKat will be performing tests from Friday to Sunday, but in the coming weeks, the test site will be open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 7 PM.


With a vaccine being administered to healthcare workers and those in risk groups in the coming weeks, hopefully, the clubs will be able to open soon. But in the meantime, it’s amazing to see nightlife establishments fight back against the pandemic in a way that’s both affordable and efficient.

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