Wild At Harp

Simonetta Ginelli by André Rival

In the last couple of years harpist Simonetta Ginelli has made a name for herself in the music and entertainment scene of Berlin, but not only as a musician. Everytime she sets her foot on stage you’ll find her dressed up in a new costume: Sometimes as a sexy bride, sometimes as a lovely Christmas angel, covered in rubber as a hot dominatrix or sometimes even naked with her dress painted on her bare skin. Her clients seem to love her extravagant looks. That’s why she gets booked for glamarous events such as an Eyes Wide Shut party for Breitling, the erotic varieté show Belle Et Fou, the Wella Trend Vision Award in Paris or for the Aids Gala at Theater des Westens.

We met the busy harpist and talked with her about Berlin and her instrument. Photos and interview after the jump.

Why Berlin?

…because you are always happy if between all the unfriendly, grumpy people you find a smile. Well honestly, here are so many different things: old and new history, architecture -ok, there it could be a little more modern and special – latecoming yuppies, old squatters.

What are your favorite places in Berlin and why?

I love walking around Gendarmenmarkt and the whole area around “Unter den Linden” and “Museumsinsel” by night or dawn.You shouldn’t miss going to the Lustgarten at sunset and listen to the “birds” in the trees: an installation you won’t forget. A really cool shop is Fiona Bennett’s hat salon: extremely stylish. And as far as cafes go: We love coffee in the little passage at Sony Center has the best coffee ever! Very nice people working there. Impala at U-Bahn Eberswalder Straße is great for a quick coffee or snack and the Hot Dog Shop right across: not for the food but for the motto: “Eat here, Diet home”…

Simonetta Ginelli by Henry Kochmann

Would you like to live in another city at some point?

Berlin ist the only city in Germany that I want to live in, it takes a lot to keep up with it.

Why did you pick the harp as your instrument?

So many reasons why… It´s rare, it has a beautiful sound, it looks wonderful, and it´s the easiest to carry… (lacht)

Have you ever tempted a man with your harp?

Yes, of course! But it was also me that was tempting, not only the harp. But I won’t tell whom.

What distinguishes a harpist from other musicians?

The particularity of a talent is the only thing that seperates an artist from any other.

What are your plans for the near future?


Simonetta Ginelli by Henrik Jordan


More photos and infos on Simonetta on her website.


photo 1: André Rival, photo 2: Henry Kochmann, photo 3: Henrik Jordan

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