About iHeartBerlin


No matter if you were born here or if you came here – you can’t deny that Berlin has wrapped you around its finger and won’t let you go. It’s sometimes hard to pinpoint what exactly it is that makes the city so special – it can be a completely different thing for everyone. It can be loud, it can be crazy, it can be edgy, it can be tempting. It’s a colorful playground for different ideas and identities. It’s a place that gives you the liberty to be who you want to be, to try out, to reinvent yourself, to make new experiences that might not be possible in other places.

With iHeartBerlin we want to capture the unique vibe of the city that we have the privilege to live in. Some of us were born here, some of us have been here a long time, some of us have just arrived recently. What unites us is our passion for Berlin and our desire to share it with other people. We want to enable our readers to find the right places, be at the right events, connect with the right people and find their little microcosmos in Berlin that makes all their wishes and desires come true.

Founded in 2007 we have a long history of documenting the ongoings of the city with all its ups and downs and changes it has been going through. In all those years we were lucky to witness different eras of the nightlife and creative scenes. We’ve seen neighborhoods change from undesirably to trendy. We’ve seen significant constructions completely change the look of the city. We’ve experienced an incredible influx of people from all over the world that brought a lot of new influences and movements to Berlin. With all of these ongoing developments, the city has never been shy of impulses and stimulations which have nurtured this platform continuously.

From a personal side project of founders Frank R. Schröder and Claudio Rimmele that started as a small collection of recommendations for friends, over its rise to popularity as Berlin’s number one party blog, to the diverse platform it is now we’ve come a long way. In addition to publishing stories online, we’ve organized countless events such as exhibitions, parties, fashion shows, and screenings, and we’ve released physical products that range from clothing to books. With all the things we do we want to bring people together and enable them to have the best time possible in Berlin.

If you want to contribute or collaborate with us you can contact us here.

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Team photos: Vismante Ruzgaite