Barbies and Lesbians

The Queer X Pre-Show at Barbie Deinhoff

So, the other day I unintentionally landed in the lesbian/gay/undecided bar that is the Barbie Deinhoff in Kreuzberg. Quite interesting folk that is hangig out here, I must say. That night we had the pleasure to experience a little pre-show to the Queer X Show Tour which will make its official stop tonight at LUX. Raunchy! The full tits, orgasms and lesbian-encounter action after the jump.

Barbie Deinhoff

Schlesische Str. 16

10977 Berlin

Frank by Frank
on July 17th, 2009
in Bars, Kreuzberg, Party, Places

2 Responses to “Barbies and Lesbians”

  1. Suz Suz Says:

    huii, nette Fotos..;)

  2. Audry Kadi Says:

    Love this site, plenty of fresh and relevant information for a change!