Who’s Next Paris – Day 3: Futuristic Luxury


The FAME exhibition of Who’s Next Paris that we visited on our third day in Paris is dedicated to luxury trends and high class products. The chic Parisian label 85/86 has a quite artistic approach to fashion. Deconstructing the typical superficial sterotype is an upcoming thing for small luxury labels. The young graduate designers Alena Kudera Johnson, Ruth Green, Victoria Spruce and Lyudmilla Lane represented the right mix of avant-garde and theatricality which is also looking to become a big fashion trend in the next two years.

A more relaxed approach to luxury is delivered by the casual label Misericordia. But as hard as I try to have this super elite taste, my heart simply beats higher when I see a funny print, a glossy shoe and sparkle and glitter and lots of colour. French label Manoush and Danish label Charlotte Sparre make me happy with Madonnas, folky colorsplashes and funny icebear prints.

There was also an exhibition featuring Austrian fashion designers with very cool stuff from AND_I and cool glasses by Andy Wolf. We also made some more jewellery discovery today at the Premiere Class which is sharing the same hall. Check out tatty devine for cool jewellery animals. See my impressions after the jump.

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on January 23rd, 2012
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